Dear Editor:

I had a really interesting phone call last week. The call I received was for an invoice from Blue Mountain Health for $34.08 for services rendered. The phone call was 15 days after I received the bill. I had planned to write a check the day of the call. I was asked if "I was going to pay the charges" billed. I replied yes and why? I was told by their out source-billing agency in Harrisburg that their call was a PRE-COLLECTION CALL.

WOW! I am without a doubt overcome by the pre collection call and in fact I am one that pays his debts on time or before the due date. Check it out 15 days after the invoice was cut. I called the Blue Mt. Billing Dept. and was told they should not said that this was a pre collection call BUT THEY DID. I was also told that when the call is made this out source agency receives an additional commission.

I also called Mr. Harris, director of the hospital to express my frustration and he did not even have the courtesy to return my call but had some one else do it. It's a shame when our community hospital must out source some of its services, with the loss of local jobs to a facility in Harrisburg that has no empathy for its patients. I cannot imagine what other patient friendly services we will loose.

From the pen of K Treger,

Lehighton, Pa.