Friday, September 30, 2016

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Saturday, August 24, 2013
Ron Gower/TIMES NEWS Tyler Black, left, 7, and his brother Spencer, 5, try out their backpacks for school, which starts Monday, with their pet dog Lily. Students returning to classes next week probably won't even realize they will be learning to reach higher standards.

Pennsylvania is poised to implement new, more rigorous educational standards. But while the adoption of Common Core State Standards would raise the learning bar and bring Pennsylvania in line with a national, uniform educational structure, the change has its detractors, and the swell of opposition has prompted the state to move more slowly in implementing the standards.

Saturday, August 24, 2013
STACEY SOLT/TIMES NEWS "Ranger," a pit bull mix, was found tied to a tree in Hickory Run State Park on Thursday. He is now at the Carbon County Animal Shelter.

A dog found tied to a tree in Hickory Run State Park has been rescued.

The dog, believed to be a pit bull mix, was found Thursday afternoon and is now at the Carbon County Animal Shelter.

"Apparently someone took the dog and walked into the woods before tying him to a tree, so that the dog couldn't be seen from the road," said Tom Connors, the shelter director.

He noted that no food or water was left with the animal.

While the dog wasn't visible from the road, people in the area heard the dog and notified park rangers. DCNR rangers then contacted the shelter.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

With a new school year beginning in Pennsylvania, motorists are urged to watch for students and school buses to prevent potentially tragic crashes and avoid strong penalties under the state's school-bus stopping law.

"As students return to the classroom, drivers who haven't had to drive around buses or students for months must be alert for bus stops and school zones," PennDOT Secretary Barry Schoch said. "The consequences of just a moment of distraction could prove to be tragic."

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Here are examples of PA Common Core goals for students in kindergarten, and third, eighth and 12th grades, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. For more examples, visit


Kindergarten: Use objects to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Third grade: Add two- and three-digit whole numbers (limit sums from 100 through 1,000) and/or subtract two- and three-digit numbers from three-digit whole numbers.

Eighth grade: Apply concepts of rational and irrational numbers.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back in the spring, just a few short months ago, if someone would have asked me how old I felt, I would have said, "Oh, about 32."

Life was grand and I was like a kid who was happy going out to play every day.

"Play" back then meant biking, kayaking and dancing, along with going to the beach.

My husband, who is a much better and more experienced biker than I am, kept telling me I needed to push a little more each time I went out if I ever wanted to reach the next level.

So I pushed.

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Gail Maholick/TIMES NEWS People's E.C. Church mission team formed to help a community in Newark, N.Y. includes, front from left, Sharon Rabuck, Sarah Kistler, Hannah Bartron, Abigail Bartron, Cera Gaston; back the Rev. Kenneth Ogden, Blade McCabe, Paul VanOsten, Hunter McCabe and Doug Bowman. Also taking part in the mission trip were Jon Smith and Dylan Bowman.

A call for help from Newark, N.Y., a small town near Lake Ontario, gave the People's E.C. Church mission team an opportunity to help those in need.

The team, comprised of nine teenagers and four adult team leaders, took on several projects while working together with other mission groups from July 21 to July 26 while they were in New York.

The Rev. Ken Ogden, pastor, was one of the team leaders. He said the group from People's Church was under the umbrella of Group Work Camps.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Palmerton will decide by next month if it will allow 24-hour parking around the perimeter of its park.

To that end, borough council agreed on a 6-0 vote Thursday to advertise two ordinances related to parking along the park. Council President Terry Costenbader was absent.

Borough manager Rodger Danielson said that two ordinances have been drafted: One, which would allow for parking around the entire perimeter of the park, and the other, which would allow parking only from Delaware to Franklin Avenue.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

School starts Monday and I was thinking about how different things are today compared to when we went to school. It's hard to believe but it has been almost 40 years since I sat in kindergarten with Mrs. Bensinger at the Presbyterian Church in Summit Hill and now on Monday, my daughter Kathryn begins her first day of kindergarten in Nesquehoning and has already ridden the bus for two weeks for orientation. She is so excited about learning and I hope it stays that way.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


There has been a lot of talk for quite some time about Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's book, "Lean In," which encourages businesswomen to "lean in, rather than opt out" of their careers, among other things. It's a feminist manifesto of sorts, but one of the more interesting bits is Sandberg's advice that women abandon the myth of "having it all." In Sandberg's opinion, "the very idea of having it all flies in the face of the basic laws of economics and common sense." A recent article in The Washington Post, however, suggests otherwise.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Is a new Irish pub-style business headed to Palmerton?

In accordance with that, Borough Council agreed on a 6-0 vote Thursday to advertise to hold a public hearing for a liquor license transfer. Council President Terry Costenbader was absent.

The liquor license is scheduled to be transferred from Jim Thorpe, with current owners Bernardo Rojas and Susan Rojas, doing businesses as "Pepperjacks" at 41 Broadway, Jim Thorpe, to 315 Lehigh Avenue, Palmerton.