Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Court News

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Divorces granted

The following divorce decrees were signed by the county court.

Desiree C. Eastgate, 242 Lafayette Ave., Palmerton, from Joseph D. Eastgate, 139 Rumson Drive, Galloway, N.J.

Andrew S. Yurchak, 618 Pine St., Jim Thorpe, from Debra A. Yurchak, 41 W. Seventh St., Jim Thorpe.

Martin S. Fischetto, Box 1865, Albrightsville, from Mabel Michelle Fischetto, Box 392, Ephrata.

Kristin Zammito, 62 Panther Run Road, Jim Thorpe, from Gaetano Zammito, same address.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Schuylkill County President Judge William Baldwin has sentenced a Tamaqua man to probation in two drug-related cases.

Joshua McArdle, 23, was sentenced to one year of probation on charges of possession of a controlled substance by a person not registered. He also must serve another one year of probation on a use/possession of drug paraphernalia charge, but at the same time.

The charges were filed on July 10, 2013, by Tamaqua police.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Deeds recorded

Franklin Township

Robert L. Miller to Paul A. Graver, 1840 Fairyland Road, Lehighton, parcel No. 54-12-B22.19, $1.

Paul L. Graver to Paul L. Graver, 1840 Fairyland Road, Lehighton, Lot 1, Paul A. and Diane M. Miller Graver Subdivision, $1.

Jim Thorpe

Mark Jeffrey Cook to Mark Jeffrey Cook, 189 High St., Jim Thorpe, property at 189 High St., $1.

Helen DeVincenzo to Joseph J. Falcaro, Flushing, N.Y., property on Center Street, $48,000.

Kidder Township

Saturday, May 31, 2014

West Penn Township:

Sheila P. Frymyer and Aaron Frymyer to Aaron Frymyer: Property at 143 Blue Mountain Drive for $1.


Bridgette L. Holland to Bridgette L. Shinton: Property at 0, 119 and 123 Lafayette St. for $1.

Jamie Turner to Joseph Yarnell: Property at 0 Cherry St. for $342.80.

Shirley Ann French, executor for the estate of John Trudich, to Peter Trudich: Property at 0 Owl Creek Road for $12,000.

Pathway Properties to Wendy L. Yuengling: Property at 501 Railroad St. for $30,000.

Rush Township:

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Divorces started

David R. Sterling, 430 S. Third St., Lehighton, filed against Jillyan A. Sterling, same address. They were married Feb. 14, 2004.

Robert B. Gorski, 1082 Old Stage Rd., Albrightsville, filed against Jill R. Gorski, same address. They were married April 7, 2007.

Mikisha Acevedo 222 W. Ridge St., Lansford, filed against David J. Acevedo, 1132 N. Spring St., Apt. 2, Reading. They were married Nov. 2, 2007.

Diane L. Brong, 1807 Route 534, Albrightsville, filed against Jeffrey A. Brong, 1101 Walnut St., Freeland. They were married June 24, 2000.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Deeds recorded


Edwin M. Savacool to Mark S. Savacool, 701 Fireline Road, Palmerton, property at 701 Fireline Road, $1.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Steven L. Hawk, 330 Bridge St., Lehighton, property at 527 White St., $67,000.

East Penn Township

Mark Gunkel to CAD Holdings LLC, Bethlehem, property at 61 Malaty Lane, $56,220.

Franklin Township

Janice J. Yale to Robyn A. Green, 526 Franklin Ave., Palmerton, property at 436 Walnut St., $1.

Jim Thorpe

Friday, May 23, 2014

Divorces started

Selena Treantafelo, 208 Ore St., Bowmanstown, filed against Jason Treantafelo, 5294 Sunny Lane, Kunkletown. They were married July 17, 2010.

Richard Rehrig, 208 Ore St., Bowmanstown, filed against Stephany Rehrig, 33-1 Chaflin Lane, Lehighton. They were married in December 2011.

Linda J. Turner, 58 Pinoak Road, Lehighton, filed against Leslie L. Turner, same address. They were married Dec. 22, 1995.

Sheila Tessitore, 217 Delaware Ave., Apt. C, Palmerton, filed against Joseph Tessitore Jr., 441 Helb St., Lehighton. They were married Aug. 27, 2004.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Rush Township:

Judith K. Johns and David Johns to Rush Township: Property at 0 Kahler Avenue for $6,000.

Edward E. Kubert and Heidi L. Kubert to R.W. Moyer Construction: Properties at 57 Ardmore Avenue, $20,000; 0 Ardmore Avenue for $20,000; and 0 Holland St., $20,000.


Brad M. Nevanglosky to Thomas J. Bartasavage and Maureen Bartasavage: Property at 323 E. Union St. for $1

Bruce F. Breiner Jr. and Michelle Pratt to Cody A. Brode: Property at 37 Hunter St. for $1.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Divorces granted

The following divorce decrees for people within the Times News coverage area have been granted by county judges:

Bonnie A. March, 104 All Kings Drive, New Ringgold, from from Keehn W. March, same address.

Adam D. Fritzinger, 406 Hazle St., Tamaqua, from Erica D. Fritzinger, 411 Hazle St., Tamaqua.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Deeds recorded

Franklin Township

Kevan Marie Gilmore to Eric M. Kuhns, 909 Elm St., Lehighton, property at 909 Elm St., $179,900.

Danadee Miller Boyle to Danadee Miller Boyle, 1908 Fairyland Road, Lehighton, property at 1908 Fairyland Road, $1.

Terry J. Strausberger to Holly S. Andrews, 8 Main Road, Lehighton, parcel No. 70D-11-13.01, 41.

Jim Thorpe

Sheriff of Carbon County to First Niagara Bank, N.A., Buffalo, N.Y., property at 401 South Ave., $1.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Wants money back

Arthur C. Snow, 54 Twin Lake Rd., Albrightsville, filed a civil action against John D. Picone, dba, JDP Construction, a home improvement specialist, located at 117 Quake Drive, Bethlehem.

According to the suit Snow hired the defendant to install new siding and repoint the chimney on his home. The suit further states the plaintiff paid the defendant $5,000 up front when the contract was signed and an additional $3,740.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Prothonotary's report

A total of 318 cases were started in April in the office of Carbon County Prothonotary Joann M. Behrens, according to a monthly statistical report. A breakdown of the cases is as follows:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Credit defaults

The following actions were filed by credit card companies, or their collection agencies, for alleged defaults on credit card/loan accounts.

CACH, of Denver, filed against Thomas J. Layden, 324 North St., Jim Thorpe, seeking $21,601.69.

Capital One Bank, of Glen Allen, Va., filed against Debra A. Zehner, 185 Laurel View Drive, Lehighton, seeking $19,320.24.

Razor Capital, of Bloomington, Minn., filed against Ray Haldeman, 3985 Forest St., Lehighton, seeking $25,028.46.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mortgage foreclosures

The following actions were filed as mortgage foreclosures for alleged defaults on loans.

Nationstar Mortgage, c/o 350 Highland Drive, Lewisville, Tex., filed against Tami Kunkle, 265 Millhead Rd., Tamaqua R.D., as the administratrix of the estate of Linda I. Dietz, aka, Linda I. Benner, over property at 75 Beaver St., Lehighton. Sought is $72,601.47 and continuing interest.

Nationstar filed against Rocco Mandart, 16 Tamaqua St., Beaver Meadows, over property at that address. Sought is $78,636.98 and continuing interest.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Deeds recorded

Banks Township

Michael P. Mizenko to Michael M. Mizenko, 51 E. Maple St., P.O. Box 218, Tresckow, property at 51 E. Maple St., $1.

Franklin Township

Sheriff of Carbon County to Joshua 241324 Properties, LLC, Allentown, property at 974 Pohopoco Drive, $203,797.

Jim Thorpe

Frank W. Clements to Frances Lopresti, 631 North St., Jim Thorpe, property at 631 North St., $67,500.

Kidder Township

Ernest Mayer to Jamie Caruvana, Staten Island, N.Y., property at 15 Maplewood Road, Lake Harmony, $178,500.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Deeds recorded

Banks Township

Damian P. Quinn to Brittany A. Platukis, 44 E. Market St., Tresckow, property at 44 E. Market St., $68,000.

Jim Thorpe

Kathleen B. Reabold to Keith Tyler McQuait, 510 Silk St., Jim Thorpe, property at 510 Silk St., $165,000.

Kidder Township

Sandino Hernandez to Debra A. Hernandez, Bronx, N.Y., lots 118 and 119, Section B, Holiday Poconos, $1.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Thomas W. Peto, Langhorne, property at 110 Henning Drive, Albrightsville, $50,000.

Lehigh Township

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Divorces granted

The following divorce decrees were signed by county judges.

Karen Carter, 238 Lafayette Ave., Palmerton, from Steve E. Carter, same address.

Molly T. Damian, 113 E. White St., Summit Hill, from Francis J. Damian, 60 W. High St., Nesquehoning.

Thomas C. O'Donnell, 6471 Woodbury Drive, Slatington, from Jennifer O'Donnell, 59 Jefferson St., Weatherly.

Alicia C. Witkowski, 340 Hazle St., Tamaqua, from Todd Witkowski, 113 W. Main St., Quakake.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tamaqua: Darin A. Ruch and Jennifer Ruch to Jennifer Ruch: Property at 283 Owl Creek Road for $1.

Mary Ann Potance to Dennis P Gaumer and Mary Ann Gaumer: Property at 301 Spruce St. for $1.

Global Real Estate Solutions to Kirsten A. Wiener, Kristen A. Schramm and Kristen A. Smith: Property at 246 W. Rowe St. for $1,077.56.

Sandra M. Swinburne, Scott T. Swinburne and Brian T. Swinburne to Brian T. Swinburne: property at 317 Columbia St. for $1.

Jim Thorpe Souvenir and Gifts to Christopher E. Blevens: Property at 302 Orwigsburg St. for $10,000.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Joseph Michael Rayno Jr., 49, of Weatherly was sentenced on April 17 by President Judge William Baldwin to serve 30 days in the county jail, on work release, beginning at 9 a.m. May 2.

The sentence is for Rayno's conviction of driving under the influence, highest rate of alcohol level, which was filed on April 3, 2013, by state police at Frackville. The charge stems from an incident on Nov. 3, 2012.

Prosecutors dropped charges of general impairment DUI and careless driving.

It was Rayno's first offense.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Deeds recorded

Jim Thorpe

Markris Realty, LLC, to White Lite Enterprises, LLC, 45 Race St., Jim Thorpe, three transactions, property at 45 Race St., $104,000, property at 47 Race St., $103,000, and a lot at the rear of 45 and 47 Race St., $1,000.

Kidder Township

Blue Heron Homeowner's Association to Blue Ridge Real Estate Company, Blakeslee, property on Big Boulder Drive, $10,573.


Stephen J. Chizmar to Heartland Rentals, LLC, P.O. Box 1514, Albrightsville, property at 22 Jones St., $7,000.