Friday, September 22, 2017

Court News

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Divorces granted

Lisa R. Walton, 12 Laurelwood St., Tamaqua R.D., was granted a divorce from Bradley F. Walton, 1000 Patriot Lane, Crestview, Fla. They were married July 10, 1982.

Cecelia Stoyher was granted a divorce from Joel H. Stoyer, both of Schuylkill Haven.They were married Oct. 24, 1981.

File for divorce

Lori A. Donohue filed for divorce from Shawn M. Donohue, both of 484 Blue Mountain Road, North Manheim Township. They were married Nov. 14, 1992.

Mortgage foreclsoures

Friday, July 27, 2012

File for divorce

Andrea L. Caprio started a divorce action against Gerard D. Caprio, both of 3119 Fern Drive, Coopersburg. They were married July 25, 2003.

Sherry A. Searfoss, 308 Mahanoy St., Zions Grove, North Union Township, filed suit for divorce from Edward W. Searfoss, 433 Mountain Road, Zion Grove. They were married Sept. 17, 1994.

Divorces granted

Justine Sluck Waiksnoris was granted a divorce from Timothy Waiksnoris, both of Shenandoah. They were married Oct. 14, 2009.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Albert Lakitsky, 1459 Spring Road, Andreas, West Penn Township, to Joseph Clauss, Elkins Park, property at 131 W. Moser Avenue, Coaldale, $1 (full consideration $15,000).

Elizabeth Waldren, individually and as agent for Joseph Waldren, to Elizabeth Waldren, 227 Mountain Road, Walker Township, a two and one-half story building on 46.63 acres located in Walker Township, $1 (transaction between spouses).

The Municipal Authority of Blythe Township to Blythe Township, two tracts, 160 acres and 30.4 acres along Burma Road in Blythe Township, $1.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Appeal denied

The appeal of Kermit R. Sponheimer, 60, of Nesquehoning, of his state prison term on a drug smuggling charge has been denied in a memorandum opinion handed down by the county court.

Sponheimer pleaded guilty on March 5 to one count of criminal attempt to commit the crime of contraband, a second decree felony. On May 14 President Judge Roger N. Nanovic II sentenced him to serve two to five years in a state prison with the term to run consecutive to a county term he was serving on a retail theft charge. That theft term maxes out in September.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Deeds recorded


Ann M. DeLong to Roger F. Mendsen, 647 Franklin St., Bowmanstown, property at 647 Franklin St., $157,000.

East Penn Township

Marjorie A. Wertman to Marjorie A. Wertman, 299 W. Lizard Creek Road, Lehighton, two transactions, property at 74 Ashfield Road, Ashfield, and parcel No. 72-7-B46, $1 each.

Franklin Township

Thomas C. Geshel to Robert l. Beers, 111 Mantzville Road, Tamaqua, property at 4638 Long Run Road, $125,000.

Charles J. Long Jr. to Charles J. Long Jr., 909 Elm St., Lehighton, property at 909 Elm St., $1.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Loses Liberty

Richard George Wolfe, 25, of 232 Millhead Road, Tamaqua, lost 112 days of liberty when Judge John E. Domalakes revoked his parole and re-committed him to the county prison to serve the balance of his sentence. His maximum date for release was extended to Dec. 31, 2013. He is eligible to apply for re-parole on Sept. 8.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Duty to protect

Thursday, July 19, 2012



The following actions have been filed as mortgage foreclosures to alleged defaults on loans.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, c/o 7255 Baymeadows Way, Jacksonville, Fla., filed against James T. Martino, 165 S. Lake Drive, Lake Harmony, over property at that address. Sought is $91,954.82 and continuing interest.

JP Morgan Chase Bank filed against Neal A. Scotto, 90 Clearview Drive, Palmerton, over property at that address. Sought is $151,334.46 and continuing interest.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Susquehanna Bank, Lancaster, to Carolyn M. Johns, Arlington, Tex., tract containing 54.8873 acres beginning at the intersection of State Route 443 and Mantzville Road and West Penn Township, $1 (full consideration $260,000).

Gail L. Jones, as executor of the estate of Alberta I. Brode, late of Tamaqua, to Gail L. Jones and Robert Jones, her husband, property at 344 Lafayette St., Tamaqua, $1 (transfer to sole residuary heir).

Jean Callaghan Feeley and William Feeley, her husband, to Ava O'Sche, Kelayres, Kline Township, tract containing 1.27 acres in Kline Township, $9,500.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Deeds recorded

Banks Township

Cynthia S. Ray to Karen Jean Skotek, 109 Main St., Jeanesville, properties at 2 N. Poplar and 97 Market streets, $5,000.

East Penn Township

Kevin S. Ahner to Joseph A. Neff, 87 Friendship Road, Lehighton, property at 87 Friendship Road, $207,500.

Franklin Township

Sue P. Beveridge to Justin L. Kneas, 80 Green Forest Lane, Lehighton, property at 80 Green Forest Lane, $232,500.

Jim Thorpe

Robert W. Honor to Claudia G. Giomi, Cheltenham, property at 81 W. Broadway, $85,000.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Deeds recorded

East Penn Township

Eugene J. Barrett to Eugene J. Barrett, 428 Summer Mountain Road, Lehighton, property at 428 Summer Mountain Road, $1.

Franklin Township

Christian H. Willman to Jordan T. Scott, 730 Greet St., Lehighton, property at 730 Green St., $180,000.

Jim Thorpe

Robert Forder to Nancy B. Tolan, Brooklyn, N.Y., property at 206 W. Broadway, $110,000.

Edward G. Porter to Barry K. Frohnheiser, 23 W. Front St., Jim Thorpe, property at 26 W. Front St., $35,000.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Deeds recorded

East Penn Township

David M. Frantz to Christopher M. Frantz, 1073 Municipal Road, Lehighton, property at 1073 Municipal Road, $1.

Franklin Township

Sheriff of Carbon County to PNC Bank, N.A., Pittsburgh, property at 60 Market St., $1.

Jim Thorpe

James E. Hesson to Brian D. Gabrielson, 507 South Ave., Jim Thorpe, property at 507 South Ave., $40,000.

Madeline P. Poshefko to John A. Wegrzynowicz IV, 606 Pine St., Jim Thorpe, property at 606 Pine St., $115,000.

Kidder Township

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Atlantic Pipeline (OUT), L.P., Texas, to Sunoco Pipeline, L.P., Texas, the Barnesville Pump Station along Route 1020 in Rush Township, $1 (transaction is a statutory corporation consolidation).

Stephen J. Halabura to Matthew J. Halabura, a two and one-half story frame home, frame garage and frame barn located on the west side of Township Route 743 in East Brunswick Township, $107,500.

Larry Karpenko to Matthew R. and Christine Sobolewski, tract containing two acres on north side of State Route 1015 in Rush Township, $40,000.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


The following actions were filed as mortgage foreclosures for alleged defaults on loans.

The Bank of New York, c/o 8742 Lucent Blvd., Highlands Ranch, Colo., filed against Roy and Patricia Kurth, 109 N. Shore Drive, Albrightsville, over property at that address. Sought is $142,432.82 and continuing interest.

U.S. Bank National Association, c/o 7105 Corporate Drive, Plano, Tex., filed against Lewis E. Ginder, 111 Alum St., Lehighton, over property at that address. Sought is $128,436.10 and continuing interest.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Eric Robert Shappell, 27, Seltzer, had his parole revoked by Judge Cyrus Palmer Dolbin and he was remanded to the county prison to serve the balance of his sentence and his 372 days of liberty were disallowed and added to his sentence. His maximum time was extended to Oct. 15, 2013. He is not allowed to apply for parole before Oct. 14, 2012, unless he is accepted as a inpatient in the drug and alcohol program.

Shappell had pleaded guilty to burglary of the Roma Pizza Shop in Pottsville and after serving time in prison was released on probation.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Deeds recorded

Beaver Meadows

Kayode Chidebem Adebowale to John Paul Labanosky, P.O. Box 209, Beaver Meadows, property at 104-106 Dean St., $10,000.

Jim Thorpe

Harvey P. Miller Jr. to Harvey P. Miller Jr., A231 Broadview Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at A231 Broadview Drive, $1.

Kathleen H. Kukk to Kathleen H. Luther, 40 Mill Road, Tamaqua, property at 314 North St., $1.

Thomas W. Bryfogle to Robert Pittenger, Newportville, Pa., property on Sixth Street, $85,000.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kyle R. Wronski, 22, Morea, Mahanoy Township, was removed from the Intermediate Punishment Program (IPP) by Judge Miller and he was remanded to the county prison to serve out his sentence and to be held without bail. The court ordered the probation department prepare a pre-sentence investigative report and Wronski will be sentenced on Aug. 15.

He had entered a guilty plea to possession and delivery of drugs in the Mahanoy City area and was placed in the program for 60 months.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Placed in program

John M. Burns, 38, of 2629 Bridgets Way, Allentown, was placed in the Accelerated Rehabilative Disposition (ARD) probation program, which is a program reserved for first offenders who committed a non-violent crime to allow them to clear their name.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eagle Rock Resorts Company, which owns subdivision resorts in East Union and North Union townships, recorded 50 lot transactions in the two subdivisions.

Transactions for Eagle Rock Resorts in East Union Township were as follows:

Gerald R. and Amihan G. Agbrayani, Owings Mills, Md., undivided 1/50th interest in Lot 184, WSS Subdivision, full consideration $35,000.

Shirley Santiago, Gaithersburg, Md., Lot 141, WSS5 Subdivision, full consideration $22,900.

Mark J. and Michele D. Washburn, Rochester, N.Y., Lot 143, WSS5 Subdivision, full consideration $22,900.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Divorces granted

The following divorce decrees were signed by the county court.

Susan Kittek, 50 Hillside Place, Kunkletown, from Paul Kittek, same address.

Mark D. Gombert, 754 Oak St., Palmerton, from Valerie Gombert, 116 S. Third St., Lehighton.

Carl Anthony Stadtmueller, 780 Edgemont Ave., Palmerton, from Amy Lynn Stadtmueller, same address.

Richard Montalto, Box 281, Lake Harmony, from Marina P. Montalto, 767 Stony Mountain Rd., Albrightsville.