Friday, February 5, 2016

Court News

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dismiss charges

District Attorney Karen Byrnes Noon filed motions to court to dismiss charges against two defendants because the victims no longer wished to prosecute and President Judge William E. Baldwin granted the motions.

Charges were dismissed against John Parry, 19, Pottsville, of simple assault and harassment in a domestic dispute with his live-in girlfriend, Cathy Callis, and his mother, Sara Parker. Both notified the DA they did not wish prosecute because the defendant is now receiving medication and will be attending anger management classes.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Deeds recorded

Franklin Township

Albert W. Smith Jr. to Sandra L. Eremus, 729 Indian Hill Road, Lehighton, property at 729 Indian Hill Road, $1.

Albert W. Smith Jr. to Edward A. Smith, San Diego, Calif., property at 729 Indian Hill Road, $1.

Albert W. Smith Jr. to Sharon L. Mathias, Germantown, Md., property at 729 Indian Hill Road, $1.

Albert W. Smith Jr. to Kathy A. Smith, P.O. Box 165, Ashfield, property at 729 Indian Hill Road, $1.

Albert W. Smith Jr. to Nancy A. Smith, 729 Indian Hill Road, Lehighton, property at 729 Indian Hill Road, $1.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company to James R. Coulson, property at 225 Green St., Brockton, Schuylkill Township, $17,000.

Homer K. Lechleitner, West Penn Township, to Christopher W. Orlick, Walker Township, tract containing 1.30 acres on the east side of Archery Club Road, West Penn Township, $1 (full consideration $137,500).

Eagle Rock Resorts Company, Hazle Township, Luzerne County, to Thelma B. Capila and Robert Capila, Warminster, Lot 265, WS Subdivision, Eagle Rock Resorts, East Union Township, $10, (full consideration $19,900).

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Prothonotary's report

A total of 331 cases were started in September in the office of Carbon County Prothonotary Joann M. Behrens, according to a monthly statistical report released by the officeholder. A breakdown of the cases is as follows:

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Credit defaults

The following actions were filed by credit card companies, or their collection agencies, for alleged defaults on credit card/loan accounts.

Discover Bank, New Castle, Del., filed against Robert F. Snyder, 755 Coal St., Lehighton, seeking $11,934.71.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Divorces granted

Maria L. Campomizzi was granted a divorce from Steven J. Campomizzi, both of 83 Ryan Avenue, Tamaqua. They were married April 18, 1998.

David J. Bernitsky Jr., 17 Billies Hill Road, New Philadelphia, was granted a divorce from Heather M. Bernitsky, 13 Pine St., New Philadelphia. They were married April 12, 2004.

Walter A. Carey, Orwigsburg, was granted a divorce from Harriet M. Carey, Schuylkill Haven. They were married Dec. 31, 2003.

Monday, October 1, 2012

File for divorce

Terry L. Bachert filed suit for divorce from Brenda Bachert, both of 515 Arlington St., Tamaqua. They were married Sept. 4, 2003.

Sincere Watkins, 334 Pine St., Mahanoy City, filed suit against Pamela Opolsky, 511 W. Center St., Mahanoy City., They were married Dec. 26, 2006.

Brian Vick, 34 W. Center St., Mahanoy City, filed suit against Jennifer Vick, 506 E. Mahanoy St., Mahanoy City. They were married May 2, 1998.

Divorces granted

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Divorces granted

The following divorce decrees were signed by the county court.

Diane Martin, 284 Knoll Drive, Lehighton, from Jeffrey S. Martin, 54 N. Sixth St., Emmaus.

Maria Evangelina Moina Yamba, 36 Susquehanna St., Jim Thorpe, from Angel Roberto Quimbita, 274 W. 140th St., New York, N.Y.

Angel Hermenjildo Moina Yamba, 22 Race St., Jim Thorpe, from Maria Teresa Angamarca, 91B New Jersey Village, Middlesex, N.J.

Kelly S. Yerger, 223 W. High St., Nesquehoning, from Christopher F. Yerger, 341 Kalyln Lane, Reading.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Granted divorce

Stephenie A. Lepera, Minersville, was granted a divorce from John A. Lepera, Pottsville. They were married Sept. 17, 2005.

Election data

Last day to register to be eligible to vote in the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 6, is Tuesday, Oct. 9; last day to apply for civilian absentee ballot is Tuesday, Oct. 30, and to date the election board has received requests for 943 applications; the last day to return voted civilian absentee ballots is Friday, Nov. 2 at 5 p.m., in the election bureau.

Tax appeals

Friday, September 28, 2012

Deeds recorded

Jim Thorpe

David H. Gasker to Daphne C. Gasker, 46 Coal St., Jim Thorpe, ,property on Coal Street, $1.

David Gasker to Dorothy A. Gasker, 51 Primrose Lane, Jim Thorpe, property on Front Street, $1.

Kidder Township

Ruth Holstein to Scott St. Pierre, Yardley, Pa., property at 113 Henning Drive, Albrightsville, $13,000.

Jean E. Carter to John R. Carter, 147 Pine St., Tamaqua, property at 50 Crest Drive, Lake Harmony, $100,607.


Mary T. DeLauretis to Robert A. Soldivera, Emmaus, property at 864 E. Patterson St., $33,000.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

File for divorce

Susan Merkel, 467 Nichols St., Pottsville, started a divorce proceeding against Charles Merkel Jr., 838 Lizard Creek Drive, Andreas, West Penn Township. They were married Sept. 23, 1989.

Kim Novack Simmonds, 207 Market St., Tamaqua, filed suit for divorce from Willliam S. Simmonds, 106 Market St., Tamaqua. They were married Dec. 9, 2008.

Divorces granted

Robin L. Greiner, Tower City, was granted a divorce from Edward J. Greiner, Pottsville. They were married Oct. 20, 2011.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ronald L. Novach Sr. to Ronald C. Novach Jr., property known as House Number 152, Number One Road, and property known as 151 School St., MaryD, Schuylkill Township, $1 (transaction from father to son).

Sedulity Group, LLS, a New York Corporation, Hazleton, to Loyalty Group Inc., 425 Kennedy Drive, McAdoo, property at 425 S. Kennedy Drive, McAdoo, $1.

Carol A. Austra to Annmarie Carter and Gerald Carter, her husband, tract containing 51.937 acres along Township Route 876 in East Union Township, $1 (transaction from mother to daughter and son-in-law).

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Deeds recorded


Kerry J. Beidleman to Kevin M. Serfass, 665 Pine St., Palmerton, property at 665 Pine St., $213,000.

Franklin Township

Sheriff of Carbon County to Long Run Road, LLC, Allentown, property at 3794 Long Run Road and Gerald Drive, $122,843.

PNC Bank, N.A., to Richard A. Schultz, Lansdowne, Pa., property at 60 Market St., $77,145.

Judith Ann Ardella to Donald H. Dorward Sr., 780 Rock St., Lehighton, parcel No. 70-12-A5, Rock Street, $290,600.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

File for divorce

Brett T. Hoch filed suit for divorce from Heather A. Hoch, both of 95 Mill Drive, West Penn Township. They were married Dec. 8, 2002.

Eric R. Flaim, 710 E. Mahanoy St., Mahanoy City, filed for divorce from Jasmine J. Flaim, 246 S. Vine St., Mount Carmel. They were married July 7, 2003.

Reduce bail

Edward J. Simon, 45, Mahanoy City, had his bail modified by Judge James P. Goodman from $25,000 straight cash to $25,000 unsecured and he shall enter a rehabilitation center.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Deeds recorded

Beaver Meadows

All State Asset Management, Inc., to Jose Luis Felipe, Hazleton, parcel No. 125A-5-E15, $9,900.

East Penn Township

Joseph G. Ofner to Kyle L. Spotts, 2049 Municipal Road, Lehighton, property at 2049 Municipal Road, $180,000.

Franklin Township

Gene V. Marola to Gene V. Marola, 630 Evergreen Road, Lehighton, property on Evergreen Road, $1.

Sheriff of Carbon County to Federal National Mortgage Association, Dallas, Tex., property at 132 Main Road, $1.

Jim Thorpe

Friday, September 14, 2012

Divorces granted

The following divorce decrees were signed by the county court.

Heather M. Schleicher, 313 E. White Bear Drive, Summit Hill, from and Phillip J. Schleicher, 179 White Bear Drive, Summit Hill.

Charlene A. Sterling, 900 Towamensing Rd., Lehighton, from Charles E. Sterling, same address.

Ronald Roninger, 120 E. Alley rear, Lehighton, from Debra Roninger, 57 Delaware Drive, Jim Thorpe.

Jay D. Fagner, 805 N. Lehigh Gorge Drive, Weatherly, from Angela Lee Fagner, same address.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Revenue from deeds

Carbon County Recorder of Deeds Emmett P. McCall reported his office recorded 209 deeds, 258 mortgages and 499 other writs during the month of August.

As a result of those transactions, McCall turned over to the Carbon County General Fund the sum of $35,166.65. A breakdown of that revenue includes: transfer fees, $28,473.50; data processing fees, $1,781.50; notaries, $50; commission on transfers and writs, $3,621.45; and Affordable Housing administrative fee, $1,240.20.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Deeds recorded

Penn Forest Township

Mid Atlantic Acquisitions, Inc., to Andrew Seabrook, Doylestown, Pa., Lot 1320-, Section 5, Towamensing Trails, $7,000.

John J. Fleming to Patricia Downey, Philadelphia, property at 95 Ginsburg Circle, Albrightsville, $134,000.

Prime Group Partnership to Daniel Sinclair, Nazareth, Pa., Lot V661, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $9,000.

Daniel J. McCormick to Scott Vanauken, P.O. Box 822, Albrightsville, property at 4 Hunter Lane, Albrightsville, $137,000.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

File For Divorce

Gary J. Guenther, 196 Market St., Coaldale, started a divorce action against Karil Rupert, 700 Ringtown Rd., Zion Grove, North Union Township. They were married Oct. 7, 2011.

Divorces Granted

Dawn Marie Yoder was granted a divorce from Gregory Michael Yoder, both of Auburn. They were married June 3, 2000.

Deborah L. Juritsch was granted a divorce from Joseph M. Juritsch, both of Schuylkill Haven. They were married April 16, 1988.

Cynthia Motter was granted a divorce from George Motter, both of Pine Grove. They were married Aug. 11, 1990.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Exempt property

Norwegian Township Supervisors won an appeal in court to have a property they own declared tax exempt.