Thursday, April 17, 2014
CHRIS PARKER/TIMES NEWS FBI agents and state police haul boxes of documents, electronic devices and other items from the office of Schuylkill County Clerk of Courts Stephen Lukach.

Facing accusations that he misappropriated large sums of money from his office, Schuylkill County Clerk of Courts Stephen M. Lukach Jr. is expected to resign today.

Lukach, who has yet to be charged, may come into the office for the first time since April 8 to retrieve personal belongings, said county District Attorney Christine Holman.

Lukach, a Rush Township Democrat who has held the office for 27 years, has an unlisted home telephone number, and could not be reached for comment.

I'm what is called an avid reader. In addition to reading fiction for enjoyment, I like to read to gain information, especially health-related articles and those that give me financial information.

For at least a decade, I've subscribed to the Motley Fool for easy-to-read financial information. Today's article was headlined: "Warren Buffet's advice on how to get rich."

That's one I didn't read. I have no interest in reading it because I don't need to get rich.

I am rich.

Two public shaming cases - one in Ohio and the other in California - made news last week, raising the question of whether humiliation is an effective way to discipline.

In 2012, a Cleveland Judge named Pinkey Carra made a woman wear an "idiot" sign in public for driving around a school bus. Last week, she made news again by calling for the public shaming of Richard Dameron, 58, who was sentenced to 90 days in jail for threatening officers.

@$:KAREN CIMMS/TIMES NEWS  Margherita Pizza ready to go into the oven.

With Good Friday this week, I thought this was the perfect time to unveil my mother's secret weapon.

If she wanted to see any of us, she usually just had to say one word, and we'd all come running.


She didn't order from the local pizzeria, or pick up some premade crust and a jar of sauce.

Everything was made from scratch and it was, in my humble but biased opinion, the best.

Divorces started

James Bokeko, 720 Lehigh St., Jim Thorpe, filed against Mary Francis Bokeko, 420 School St., Jim Thorpe. They were married May 12, 1984.

Kelly A. Alexander, 95 Manor Drive, Palmerton, from Olin W. Alexander, 515 Delaware Ave., Palmerton. They were married Aug. 19, 1995.

Mortgage foreclosures

The following actions were filed as mortgage foreclosures for alleged defaults on loans