Friday, July 1, 2016

Sgt. Andrew “AJ” Baddick’s family helped cut the ribbon on the new, $28 million bridge that will carry Route 903 over the Lehigh River and bear the Jim Thorpe-area veteran’s name.

Congressman Matt Cartwright, Former Pa. House Speaker Keith McCall and state Rep. Doyle Heffley were all on hand to dedicate the span to Baddick, who died tragically in the line of duty in Iraq in 2003.

Baddick risked and ultimately gave his life while saving fellow soldiers from a vehicle that had overturned while on patrol in Iraq in 2003.

Most parents would do almost anything for their kids. Few of us would quibble with that.

But maybe the real question should be: Do parents do too much for their kids by giving them too much?

I interviewed a fascinating father this week who believes some parents who think they are giving their kids everything are actually holding back on the two things kids need.

Is there a better time than during Lehighton’s sesquicentennial for the town to officially lay claim as birthplace of soapbox racing in America?

For those unfamiliar, soapbox cars are home-built contraptions powered by gravity. They’re a popular pastime for youngsters.

And when it comes to soapbox cars, Lehighton has been hiding in the shadows of the Ohio communities of Dayton and Akron.

But maybe it’s time to let truth prevail.

In this case, the truth about soapbox races likely will upset the proverbial apple cart. But it’s an apple cart needing to be upset.

The mausoleum in the Lehighton cemetery was built during dire economic times.

Despite the Great Depression, 141 of the crypts in the large block building were sold even before construction began in 1930, according to Lamont “Mike” Ebbert, Lehighton historian.

Today, only two of the crypts are empty, but none have been available for purchase for many years.

The space has evolved, with the Lehighton Cemetery Board making room for additional remains, with niches installed for cremation ashes.


Daniel P. Datchko to Daniel P. Datchko and Donna Datchko: Property at 225 Railroad St., $1.

Kline Township

Lawrence C. Donlin Jr. and Marlene M. Donlin to Finance of America Reverse LLC: Property at 800 Kennedy Drive, $1,207.96.

Rush Township

Nancy Drummey, Charles Drummey and Theresa Apostolis to Ashley L. Tomasko: Property at 109 Crest St., $64,000.

James Gurcsik and Amy Gurcsik to Michael A. Witczak Sr.: Property at 10 Lynwood St., $120,000.