Saturday, February 28, 2015
BOB FORD/Times News The sign in front of Terry and Sharlene Engle's home indicating a reserved parking space for handicapped drivers.

Terry Engle, 62, suffers from nerve damage in his right foot and leg that makes walking extremely difficult.

"I can't walk flat on my foot. I walk on my heel," he said.

Because he can't drive, his wife Sharlene takes the wheel when they go out.

Seventeen-year-old tackle Bruce Frassinelli strikes a pose during Summit Hill High's football season in 1956.

Football saved my life.

At a time when many parents are evaluating whether the health risks of playing football are worth the societal rewards, I reflect on the fateful decision I made 60 years ago to go out for football in my junior year of high school.

I have my band director, Tom Cadden, to thank for making this happen. I put enormous pressure on Cadden to rescind his rule that those who played in the high school band could not be part of the football team, too.

Dear editor,

A heartfelt salute to attorney Adam Weaver and all the volunteers who helped stage Wills for Heroes at the Hilltop Community Center.

I am certain that all of these volunteers could have spent some quality time with their family or friends on that cold and snowy Saturday. So to all of those family members, thank you, too, for your sharing and dedication to community.


Thomas J. Zenko


Making boilo starts with wholesome ingredients such as raisins, honey, lemons, oranges and lots of spices of your choice.

If hot and spicy is your idea of a good time, then a sip of boilo and spoonful of chili might just be a trip to heaven and back.

The two savory favorites were combined into an event last weekend, "Coming Together for a Cause," to support the Tamaqua-Carbon Unit of the American Cancer Society.

The Third Annual Boilo and Chili Cook-Off, sponsored by American Hose Company and East End Fire Company of Tamaqua, took place at the latter's handicapped-accessible location, 533 East Broad St., attracting throngs of enthusiasts despite a snow storm.

Marriage license

Ashley Marie Santiago and Beth Michell Koschak, of Brodheadsville.

Credit defaults

The following actions were filed by credit card companies, or their collection agencies, for alleged defaults on credit card/loan accounts.

American Financial Services, Forth Worth, Texas, filed against Marni Long, 360 Mahoning Drive West, Lehighton, seeking $6,622.