Wednesday, August 20, 2014

An air quality report during sandblasting work at the covered bridge in Lower Towamensing Township showed that samples collected are within the acceptable limits.

Eagle Industrial Hygiene Associates Inc. of Horseham collected air samples on Aug. 6 and 7 while Jupiter PCC Inc. of Croydon, a subcontractor for the project, completed active abrasive blasting paint removal operations on the steel parts of the bridge. The air quality report indicates "effective lead dust control."

Just so you know, I am not a hoarder. Well, I am not a hoarder if you compare me to someone featured on the TV show "Hoarders." Or like someone Frank and Mike might encounter on one of their picks on "American Pickers" when they think they've found a honey hole.

The definition of "hoard" is "to amass and hide or store things."

Well, I think we're all a little guilty of that. So maybe I'm a titch of a hoarder.

I have a couple of drawers that might qualify for "hoarding."

In the criminal law system, you're innocent until proven guilty.

If police claim you have illegal drugs, they must test the items in a certified laboratory before you can be found guilty.

In all criminal offenses, there must be just cause to make an arrest. Then you are entitled to a trial.

Prison sentences are not given out by a judge until you're proven guilty.

Children in school don't have such rights. They can be tarnished with a "record" for innocent acts.

Jordan Reabold/Times News Jeff Stansbury, who has taken his first full-time position as pastor, said members of Bethany ECin Lehighton have graciously welcomed him.

For Jeff Stansbury, the new pastor at Bethany Evangelical Congregational Church in Lehighton, leading a church means more than standing at a pulpit, reading Scripture and shaking hands on Sunday morning.

He's a people person, and he hopes to establish rapport with not only his congregation, but the general public as well.

"Relationships are very important," Stansbury said.

After graduating from Evangelical Seminary in Myerstown this May, he served as assistant pastor for First EC Church in a town called Palmyra, near Hershey.

Deeds recorded

East Penn Township

Robert Alan Harris to Kathy A. Long, 202 William Penn Road, Lehighton, property at 202 William Penn Drive, $108,887.61.

Franklin Township

Sheriff of Carbon County to JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., Columbus, Ohio, property at 223 Fairview St., $1.

James E. Dawson Sr. to Herman Nathaniel Bassett III, 775 Green St., Lehighton, property at 775 Green St., $294,000.

Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe Neighborhood Bank to Dawn D. Sheckler, 75 North Ave., Jim Thorpe, property at 75 North Ave., $71,400.