Thursday, March 30, 2017
A new program starting next year in Lehighton Area School District will give students the chance to end their high school career with not only a diploma, but also an associate of arts degree from Lehigh Carbon Community College. Lehighton will join Parkland Area School District as the only two in the area to be offered the high school-college scholars program.
Tamaqua police recently filed several citations. Daniel J. Dannenfelser, 41, ofCherry Street, Tamaqua, was cited after he threatened a 14-year-old boy on Feb. 27. The victim was walking home from school that day when he was confronted by a boy, who made an obscene gesture before running away. The other boy then returned, accompanied by Dannenfelser, who threatened the 14-year-old and punched him in the head. The adult was charged with harassment.
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Northern Lehigh’s boys and girls earned splits in a track meet on Tuesday. TRACK Wilson, Catasauqua, Northern Lehigh The Northern Lehigh boys and girls both split a Colonial League tri-meet against Wilson and Catasauqua. The NL girls defeated Catasauqua (71-55), but fell to Wilson (99-41). Jill Olewine won the 400, long jump, and triple jump to lead the Bulldogs. Franki Dibilio was victorious in the shot put. The Northern Lehigh boys topped Catasauqua (109-32), but were defeated by Wilson (100-...
Licensed massage therapist Jennifer Sterner of Jim Thorpe demonstrates the proper way to sit while at your desk and computer. Keep your shoulders and head aligned straight above the hips. When leaning forward, it’s best to lean from the hips, without slumping at the back of the waist. TIMES NEWS FILE PHOTO
Your mother may have told you to walk with a book on your head or stand up straight with chin up, but in today’s tech world, how many of us actually follow that advice? It’s time to straighten up, feel strong and look your best! Author and exercise physiologist Alice Ann Dailey shares her top 10 tips for proper form to improve your posture at any age. Do these every day
A battle between good and evil will be waged in the form of dance on March 25 in Jim Thorpe when Penn’s Peak will serve as the stage for the nontraditional 22-member cast of Rhythm in the Night, Irish Dance Spectacular. Led by creator, producer and story hero, Justin Boros, the performance will intrigue audience members with its fast feet, glittery costumes and mesmerizing music.