Hello, to all my American patriots, and happy New Year to each and every one of you. I’m not quite sure how to begin this subject matter, because I believe it truly matters to us all. I can’t believe all the “talk and double talk” on the news and news shows, and whatever the shows are or should be called.

In the first place, none of them have even one iota of courtesy, respect or common sense, as they talk and screech and mumble to see how many words per minute or second they can tumble out of their bumbling mouths.

Then, to top it off, none of them seem to understand what’s really happening these past seven years or so, including Fox News.

The enemy has been and is in our White House, and is now suffering the pangs of a witch’s meltdown, trying desperately to “leave a legacy of self-respect and undeserved honor.” The White House tenant has been a puppet whose strings are pulled by the enemy we have and which is not being honestly addressed by any of the news media or talk shows or newspaper or news of any kind, or even any politicians.

We’ve been at the mercy of our enemies for too long. God bless Mr. Trump as he tries his best, with God’s help, to bring America to her feet again. And God bless Mr. Pence as he stands by our new president’s side to help us all.

Ruthann Schlecht