Carbon County has a growing drug problem.

And the district attorney's office wants to join in the fight to curb it.

On Thursday, District Attorney Jean A. Engler announced that her office, with the support of the Carbon County Commissioners, will launch a Telephone Drug Tip line. It should be up and running by the weekend.

This tip line, she explained, will give residents the opportunity to report suspected drug operations within their communities. All tips will remain confidential and callers will be able to either provide an anonymous tip or leave their name and phone number if they would like to be contacted by a detective.

"I am very pleased to announce this," Engler said.

"This tip line is in response to a number of inquiries the district attorney's office, police and commissioners have received from citizens asking for a way to leave such information."

Commissioners Wayne Nothstein, chairman; William O'Gurek; and Thomas J. Gerhard were fully supportive of the new venture.

"It's a great day for the county; a step in the right direction to try and curb the drug problem we have here in Carbon County," Gerhard said.

"People have stopped us and said we have a drug problem in our neighborhood, can anything be done," O'Gurek said.

"Sadly we live in a time where knowing about it isn't enough. I want to thank the district attorney's office for the positive move to try and tackle the drug problem and we encourage county residents to use the tip line," O'Gurek said.

Nothstein said the decision to create the tip line was easy, looking at the expenses the county incurs with the increasing number of drug cases coming through the court system.

Anyone with information wanting to leave a tip can call 570-732-0089.