A Tamaqua teen is shaken and badly bruised following an unusual accident in Tamaqua on Thursday afternoon.

Nick Zehner, son of Shawn and Amy Zehner of Tamaqua, was walking home from school at 2:45 p.m. with a friend. The teens were at the intersection of Lehigh and Lafayette Street when they saw a blue Chevy Cobalt approaching, headed west on Lafayette Street. When Nick saw the car go through the stop sign at the intersection, he tried to get out of the way, running to shelter behind a parked car.

The driver of the Cobalt, Jeanine Gernavage of Tamaqua, saw the two teens and swerved to avoid hitting them, according to what she told police. As she swerved, she struck the parked Volkswagen where Zehner was trying to take refuge. The parked VW struck the teen, knocking him to the ground. Tire marks indicate it was pushed approximately five feet west of where it had been parked.

Gernavage was not wearing a seat belt and was transported to the hospital by ambulance. Her car was towed from the scene. Zehner was transported to the hospital by private vehicle, where he was treated for injuries to both knees.

Initial reports indicated Gernavage might have suffered a medical emergency. According to the police report, Gernavage told the officer she was in a hurry, rolled through the intersection and swerved when she saw the boys walking across the street. She then struck the parked car.

Tamaqua Fire Police directed traffic around the scene due to the heavy volume created by bus traffic at the end of the school day. Also assisting at the scene were personnel from the South Ward and Citizens Fire Companies.