The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has told the Lower Towamensing Board of Supervisors it is considering placing barriers on Route 248 at the intersection with Gun Club Road.

There have been many serious crashes at the site between Parryville and Bowmanstown over the years, including fatalities.

The proposed barriers would prevent eastbound motorists from turning left onto Gun Club Road and prevent motorists coming out of Gun Club Road to turn east toward Bowmanstown on the highway.

Frankly, the sooner such barriers are installed, the better.

The speed limit on the highway is 55 mph. There is no left-turn lane. Motorists on Route 248 come to a complete stop in the passing lane or high-speed lane as it is commonly called to make their left turn.

This results in a lot of rear-end crashes.

Sometimes incidents happen when either left-turn traffic or motorists enter Route 248 cross the highway recklessly and into the path of oncoming vehicles.

Possibly the sun shining into the eyes of the motorists is responsible for some of the crashes.

Often the result is motorists not seeing the vehicles turning left until it's too late to stop, causing them to hit the car in front or to quickly swerve into their right lane and potentially into the path of other fast-moving vehicles.

Something has to be done here, and the highway barrier seems like the most logical solution.

There are some downsides to the barriers. Motorists who want to go to the Bowmanstown Rod and Gun Club, Sunny Rest Lodge or even to their residences in that area might have a slightly longer drive.

In addition, traffic will increase in Bowmanstown, Parryville and on Fireline Road in Lower Towamensing Township. The increased flow, however, won't be nearly as bad as it is when traffic is detoured for long Route 248 closures because of crashes.

Installation of the barriers needs to be done. It's long overdue.

Not only will it make travel on Route 248 safer, it will save lives.

PennDOT said it will send its intentions in writing to the Lower Towamensing supervisors.

Hopefully this action will occur soon.