Joseph Dobrosky, Anna Dobrosky and Joanne M. Patrick to Morgan Jones Jr. and Janine Jones: Property at 620 Arlington St. for $45,000.

Daniel S. Salefski and Laura Salefski Morris to Riverview Bank: Property at 133 Route 209 for $1,189.

First National Trade Co./Jeanne Johnson and Norman J. Johnson to Matthew S. Weber and Bethany Weber: Property at 543 E. Broad St. for $12,000.

Carol Ann Boyle to Eugene S. Boyle Jr.: Property at 225 Brown St. for $1.

Rush Township:

Judith K. Johns and David Johns III to David Johns II: Properties at 1370 W. Kahler Ave., 0 Mahanoy Ave., 5 Blews Lane, 1 Blews Lane, Kathryn Street, 0 Joyce Ave., and Oak Street, for $1 each.

New Ringgold:

Barbara L. Hess to Robert F. Hess: Property at 105 Tyson St. for $1.


Margaret M. Poli to William L. Johnstone Jr.: Properties at 126 W. High St., 0 W. High St.; and High Street for $63,000.

West Penn Township:

John H. Wickizer and Geneva K. Wickizer to Mark Boyle: Properties on the north side of Penn Drive for $150,000.