A bid for a large wastewater treatment plant project was awarded, and new officers chosen, at the Slatington Borough Authority's Reorganization meeting Monday morning in borough hall.

Authority Special Projects engineer Ted Stevenson, of Rettew Associates, presented authority members with three bids received Monday, Jan. 20, for a Trickling Filter Media Replacement Project.

The three bids were received from C&T Associates Inc., Lisbon Buildings Infrastructures Inc. and Eastern Environmental Contractors Inc.

Stevenson said the bids had been reviewed for technical accuracy and responsiveness and that all had passed.

He then went on to note that C&T Associates, at a $184,200 base bid total or $176,800 alternate bid total, had provided all information on time and in the proper format and was, therefore, "the apparent lowest responsible bidder for the project."

Stevenson said that, based on the information submitted, and considering the company's past performance on similar projects, Rettew Associates recommended the authority award the bid to C&T Associates.

Solicitor Ed Healy, of Steckel and Stopp, agreed.

"The question is," said Stevenson, "do you prefer to have concrete wall extensions (base bid) or fiberglass wall extensions (alternate bid)?"

Secretary Darrell Baus asked what, besides the cost of $7,400, the difference between the two would be, to which Stevenson replied that the concrete would last longer and require less maintenance.

The authority unanimously awarded the base bid to C&T Associates, rejecting the alternate bid for the fiberglass splash wall and contingent on approval from all necessary governmental entities.

In other news, the authority elected William Stein as its chairman and Laurie Dart-Schnaufer as its vice chairman, with the two exchanging leadership roles this year. Officers remaining in the same positions include Darrell Baus, secretary; Scott Schuckert, who was recently reappointed to a new five-year term, assistant secretary; Anthony Gnas, treasurer; and David Frederick, assistant treasurer.

In addition, Steckel and Stopp was chosen to remain the authority's solicitor and Rettew Associates, Inc. the authority's special projects engineer. However, the position of engineer was left vacant for now.