Lower Towamensing Township has re-upped its board chairman, and selected a new vice chairman.

The township's board of supervisors unanimously agreed at its reorganizational meeting on Monday to reappoint Brent Green as chairman.

Meanwhile, Supervisor Ron Walbert was appointed as vice chairman. Supervisor Jesse Mendez had previously served in that capacity.

Also as part of its reorganization, supervisors:

Appointed Christine Wentz as township secretary/treasurer at a salary of $38,444, per the approved 2014 budget. As part of her benefits, Wentz will receive 10 days paid vacation, 12 paid holidays, a pension, and no paid lunch.

Appointed Jillyan Sterling as part-time assistant township secretary.

Appointed attorney Jim Nanovic as solicitor.

Appointed Duane Dellecker as zoning officer.

Appointed Barry Wentz as chairman of the vacancy board.

Appointed Walbert as state convention voting delegate.

Appointed Rory Koons as civil defense and emergency management.

Appointed Code Masters as sewage enforcement officer and well enforcement officer.

Appointed Holly Heintzelman as zoning hearing board solicitor.

Appointed James Ord, Keith George and James DeRosa to the zoning hearing board.

Appointed the remaining terms of Angela Farrell, four years; Gerry Madden, four years, Jay Mullikin, five years, Mike Davis, five years, and Janice Mack, six years, with Robert Kester as an alternate, to the planning commission.

Appointed Charles Shupp as township road foreman. Shupp will be responsible to call out part-time and casual employees as needed at his discretion. The position is part-time with benefits.

Appointed Kathy Wallace as township road foreman assistant. Wallace will be responsible to call out road crew at her discretion in the absence of the road foreman. The position is part-time with benefits.

Approved supervisors Ron Walbert, Jesse Mendez and Brent Green as casual employees to perform work on the roads when necessary and/or needed on a call-out basis at the discretion of the township road master.

Recommended to the township's Board of Auditors the supervisors' pay and benefits for those supervisors hired as township employees at a salary of $19.75 an hour, with benefits of 12 paid holidays as listed, and a $100 shoe allowance with receipt. Elected supervisors compensation is fixed at $1,875 per year as per the Second Class Twp. Code. These amounts are paid on a monthly basis (156.25 per month).

Appointed Shupp, Wallace, Timothy George and Timothy Strohl as part-time employees.

Appointed Paul Strohl as a casual employee, and instructed Robert Balch to contact Wentz to see if he wishes to remain in the same capacity.

Agreed to set the benefits for part-time employees and part-time employed supervisors after employee has worked 1,000 hours or more in the current calendar year at 10 paid vacation days; $100 shoe allowance reimbursement with presentation of receipt; and paid holidays on New Year's Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and employees' birthday. Part-time employees must work the day before and after the holiday to receive the holiday pay. All employees will receive a 2.5-percent increase. These wages were approved with the 2014 budget.

Agreed to set the benefits for casual employees that after every 100 hours worked, the employee will receive two hours paid vacation; and a $100 shoe allowance reimbursement with presentation of receipt.

Set expense allowance for state convention: Mileage, room and registration expenses shall be paid by the township. Other allowances, such as food, etc,. shall be $75 per day for four days. The persons attending shall be compensated at his/her regular hourly wage for four days attendance at the state convention.

Agreed to renew the snow removal and police protection agreement with Palmerton Borough.

The township's board of supervisors will meet at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month at the township municipal building.

The township recreation board will meet at 7 p.m. the first Thursday of each month at the township municipal building.