The wife of a furloughed borough police officer was elected to head Coaldale Borough Council at Monday's reorganizational meeting.

Angela Krapf captured the votes to step in as president, with one negative vote cast.

Krapf's husband, Sgt. Keith Krapf, was one of three officers and two borough workers furloughed in 2012 in what council called a cost-cutting move.

Krapf was nominated to the president's slot by councilwoman Linda Miller. The lone negative vote was cast by member Michael Doerr.

Member Harry Hontz Jr. was unanimously elected vice-president following a nomination by member Brenda Hosler.

In other action, council approved the reappointment of solicitor Michael Greek and Fire Chief Richard Marek.

Other appointments included: Andrea Davis, secretary/treasurer; Alfred Benesch & Co., project engineer; Joe Collura, auditor; Krapf as representative to the Eastern Schuylkill Recreation Commission; Cindy Ray, solicitor to the zoning hearing board; Tom Keeran, planning commission; and Tom and Kathy Maruschak to the revitalization committee.

Other appointments were: Mark Richards, health officer to the board of health; Harry Hontz, police committee chairman with members Brenda Hosler and Linda Miller; Tom Keeran, streets committee chairman with Doerr and Steve Tentylo, who was absent from the meeting; Miller, chairman of grants committee with Hontz and Doerr; Hontz as chairman of the revitalization committee with Hosler; Miller as chairperson of the demolition committee with Hontz and Doerr; and Keeran as chairman of the recreation committee with Miller and Hosler.

Still other appointments were: Keeran, chairman of the utilities committee with Miller and Hosler; Doerr as chairman of the fire and ambulance committee with Hontz and Hosler; Hontz as chairman of the buildings committee with Miller and Tentylo; Miller as chairperson of the handicapped committee with Hontz, Doerr, Mayor Richard Kellner and Police Chief Tim Delaney; Hontz as chairman of the police pension committee with Davis and Delaney; and Keeran as chairman of the personnel committee with Hosler and Miller.

Other appointments were: Hontz as chairman of the Coaldale Complex committee with Doerr and Miller.

The board voted to reopen the 2014 budget and announced that no increase in tax millage is called for at this time.

Council will meet at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month.