To the Editor,

Last November, I read an article about porn and sex trafficking written by Chuck Norris.

Dr. Mary Anne Layden is a psychotherapist at the University of Pennsylvania. In 20 years of experience treating sexual violence victims and perpetrators, she did not have one case of sexual violence that did not involve porn.

The dramatic increase in child sexual predators is a direct result and proportionate to the increase in internet porn.

Increased use of porn leads to increased demand for prostitution. When demand outstripped supply of local prostitutes, woman and children were brought in from overseas, often against their will.

In another recent article written by Michael Reagan, it is estimated there are 27 million victims of human trafficking in the world.

The Epistle of St. Paul to the Ephesians Ch.4, v 17-19:

"I declare and solemnly attest in the Lord that you must no longer live as pagans do-their minds empty, their understanding darkened. They are estranged from a life in God because of their ignorance and their resistance; without remorse they have abandoned themselves to last and the indulgence of every sort of lewd conduct."

Michael S. Rother