What's big and red and cold?

A Valentine's Day snow sculpture.

This mammoth creation, with large, colorful valentine hearts, was built outside the home of Fred Evans Jr. and his fiancé, Shannon O'Donnell, on West Fell Street in Summit Hill.

The couple created the snow sculpture with the help of their friend Kevin Gieniec, this week, using a lot of the snow that fell from the last few storms.

Evans said the idea came to him before Christmas, when the couple built a life-size igloo that looked like the grinch from The Grinch that Stole Christmas. The igloo was reinforced so that people could go in and Evans and O'Donnell set up a live Christmas tree with a train set running around inside.

The left portion of the Valentine's sculpture is actually the igloo covered with more snow to make it look like a heart. The red is food coloring - lots and lots of food coloring - sprayed on using an industrial sprayer.

Evans added that he loves the snow so this was fun to do and plans to continue with a St. Patrick's Day design as long as there is enough snow.

O'Donnell said Evans began building in the snow to make something nice for his nieces and nephews; as well as the kids of the community.