Palmerton Police Chief Randy Smith is asking everyone to not park on Delaware Avenue from 9 tonight to 9 a.m. Saturday so that the snow can be removed.

There was a "snow emergency" for Delaware Avenue from 3 p.m. Thursday to 9 a.m. Friday, through the worst of the storm.

The borough plows curb to curb and Smith wants people to know they should still obey the even/odd days of parking cars on only one side of their streets and move their cars between 7-8 p.m. to the opposite side.

Residents along the side streets of Palmerton were busy digging out their vehicles this morning but find it frustrating with no where to go with the snow.

Diana Reinhart of Franklin Avenue is frustrated with all this snow. "It's terrible to find parking when you only have one side of the street, otherwise you could get a ticket. I'm so ready for spring!"

Bill Burkit has one vehicle in the alley behind his house. "It's all ice back there."

He has another parked along Franklin Avenue.

"The neighbors are pretty good about the spaces. But I don't think the borough plowed far enough back the storm before this one. Now the problem is there's no where to go with it anymore," he says.

Donald Stevens was cleaning his car off and thinks parking along Franklin is terrible.

"You have to fight for a parking spot so even if I shovel this spot out, if I leave, it will probably be gone by the time I come home. It's nuts trying to put all these people on one side of the street."