Robyn and Jarad Goodwin, Catasauqua

The day was March 17, 2012 and we were preparing to have our annual March celebration. Both of our birthdays are in March, our anniversary and of course St. Patrick's Day!

What I did not know was Jarad had a lot more planning to do this year!

The weather was beautiful for a March Saturday afternoon, high 70s and sunny!

We had some help from above from our loved ones that had recently passed away, my stepfather and Jarad's grandfather.

We had about 60 people over, none of whom knew this was going to happen. The only person who knew was my best friend Janelle (soon to be maid of honor), Jarad's father Matt and my brother Michael.

They had everyone gather around us to sing "Happy Birthday" to the both of us and at the end we blew our candles out.

Jarad turned to me and said "Did you make a wish?" and then proceeded to get down on his knee and propose in front of our entire family and close friends! I could not have imagined it any other way!

And of course my answer was "YES!!"