Work is progressing on the two bridges that carry thousands of vehicles over Pohopoco Creek, Pohopoco Drive and Route 209 daily.

On Thursday night, two cranes lowered four beams into place for the bridges.

They began setting beams at 9 p.m. and continued through early morning hours. New Enterprise Stone & Lime Company Inc. of New Enterprise, Pennsylvania, is the contractor for the $22.1 million project, which is slated to be complete by June 2016.

Last week, crews began pouring concrete into the nearly 30-foot tall framing that will become the abutment. Rock Hill Concrete from Parryville supplied the concrete.

Frank Walter, construction manager at the site, said the bridge replacement must be completed in stages, and includes night work to keep traffic flowing on the turnpike.

The bridge replacement project began in November 2013.

Check out these links for videos on the projects:

The beam being rolled into position on the truck:

The beam being lifted by the crane and just about placed:

Making sure it’s exactly where it needs to be: