During a meeting Tuesday, Rush Township's Zoning Hearing Board approved a resident's request for a variance, which will allow him to install a pole barn within the prescribed rear and side yard setbacks.

John Selby, 39 Ryan Ave., Tamaqua, sought the variance. Selby said his family has outgrown an 8-by-10 shed, and wants to replace it with a 24-by-24 pole building. According to the township's zoning laws for an R-4 district, the requirement for a side yard setback is 10 feet, and the rear yard is 25 feet.

Selby's building would be three feet from a side yard boundary and 21 feet from a rear yard boundary. Adjoining property owners had not responded to letters sent out by code enforcement officer Bill McMullen, and none attended to meeting. After brief discussion, zoning hearing board members unanimously granted the variance request.

After the meeting had adjourned, township resident Joe Shamonsky complained to the board members and McMullen about a neighbor he said is in violation of township ordinances regarding placement and use of a shed. The board members asked him to put his complaints in writing for the zoning officer and the board to review.