Owners of the LaRose's Skating Rink asked the Franklin Township board of supervisors last week for help with a crosswalk across busy Route 209 from their business to their parking lot.

Roy and Brenda Artz said that they didn't realize that the road separating their business from their parking lot was a state highway, but that state officials said they can't help them establish a crosswalk and that it was up to the local municipality, Franklin Township, to do so.

"We're willing to do what is needed," said Brenda Artz. "We're concerned about our customers. This highway has gotten a lot busier and we want to make sure they are safe."

Board chairman Rod Green said that they support the crosswalk in theory, but do not want to take responsibility because of liability issues.

Brenda Artz said that the state wanted the local municipality to make the decision.

Green said that they would send a letter to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation supporting the crosswalk, but would not be responsible for signage or liability.

Green said the township would likely be responsible for installing the sign, but that the Artzes would have to pay for the sign.

Artz said that she feared for their customers because there are two blind spots in the area.

"We are requesting the crosswalk because a little girl was grazed by a car while crossing the highway," said Roy Artz.

"We realize that she was at fault, but we want to make it safer for our customers."