These days there's a savory scent that wafts through the air near the Slatington Trailhead.

That succulent smell signifies the various foods that are whipped up inside the Pickled Dog, a truck that's stationed by the Trailhead along Main Street.

Operated by Paul Seifert and Sandy Root, the Pickled Dog specializes in foods such as pulled pork, fresh-cut french fries, and of course, hot dogs.

Its signature food is the pickled dog, Seifert said. Chili dogs, as well as other kinds of hot dogs, are also sold at the wagon.

The Pickled Dog contributes proceeds from the business to the operating and maintenance costs (electricity, repairs, restroom cleaning and supplies) of the Trailhead facility.

With such tasty foods so close by, it's no wonder why passers-by are tempted to swing on by the Pickled Dog for their favorite finger-licking good treats.