A pile of larger-sized rocks remains down along Route 248 near the cantilever.

However, none of the rocks have spilled out onto the busy highway, and do not appear to be a risk to motorists at this time.

"Our county maintenance office said they were aware of the situation," said PennDOT spokesman Ron Young.

"There was no disruption to traffic, nothing on the travel lanes of the roadway. Our folks said that, as always, for people to be alert along that stretch of roadway, as there are instances of falling rock, etc."

In September, PennDOT officials were called out to remove several rocks from a portion of Route 248 near Bowmanstown.

At that time a driver reported that several vehicles pulled off onto Gun Club Road to assess potential damage, with others parked along the highway.

In February 2012, several vehicles sustained flat tires as the result of rocks down along a portion of the highway westbound, west of the Bowmanstown exit.

At that time, rocks were in the roadway and caused three vehicles to have flat tires. No injuries were reported, nor was there any severe damage to any of those vehicles in that incident.