Four winners were announced for a poster contest with the theme of dental care.

The contest was conducted by the Vermillion Dental Office in Summit Hill.

Entries were from students in grades one-five in Panther Valley Elementary School, Our Lady of the Angels Academy in Lansford, and patients of the Vermillion Dental Office.

Scores of entries were received, and judging was done by the National Honor Society of Panther Valley High School under the direction of Rick Morgans.

The winners were:

Ÿ Jacob Shelton, 10, of Summit Hill.

Ÿ Sara Collevechio, 11, of Summit Hill.

Ÿ Madison Heckman, 11, of Nesquehoning.

Ÿ Zach Kleinhagen, 10, of Summit Hill.

Dr. Richard Vermillion of the Vermillion Dental Office said the theme was "Join The Super Smile Team."

Art teacher Gail Lazar of the Panther Valley Elementary School assisted in coordinating the contest.