David Garcia Arispe, 62, of 155 Penn St., Tamaqua, has been cited following an incident at the Fegley Mini Mart, 30-32 Center St., Tamaqua.

Arispe called police at 1:46 p.m. on Aug. 30 to report the store manager/clerk at the convenience store had physically assaulted his 2-year-old son.

According to Arispe, he and the toddler had been in the mini mart earlier when Arispe bought a pack of cigarettes. Once outside he realized the clerk had given him the wrong type and went back inside to exchange them. After leaving the second time he and his son walked toward the railroad tracks.

Arispe claimed the store manager came after them because his son took a candy bar that wasn't purchased. He said the clerk grabbed the young boy by the hair and dragged him back across the tracks and into the store. Arispe noted he then kicked the young girl clerk/manager in defense of his son.

Police reviewed the store's surveillance camera footage, which shows Arispe inside the store, buying and then exchanging the cigarettes, acting very confrontational. The young boy takes the candy bar and the father and son leave the store. The clerk follows and approaches them at the side of the building, where she bends over and speaks to the young boy, who hands over the candy bar. The clerk goes back into the store, while Arispe and the boy walk toward the track. There was no hair pulling or kicking.

Arispe was charged with making false reports to law enforcement, as well as disorderly conduct for his actions while exchanging the cigarettes.