File for divorce

Kelly Fallon, 139 E. Earley Avenue, Coaldale, started a divorce action against Daniel Fallon, 213 W. Ridge St., Lansford. They were married June 28, 2007.

Melissa Marie Boyer filed for divorce from Robert Allen Boyer, both of 26 Maple Lane, New Ringgold. They were married Feb. 19, 2011.

Divorces granted

Christine L. Evans, Auburn, was granted a divorce from John H. Evans, Pottsville. They were married Oct. 6, 1996.

Daniel Bradley was granted a divorce from Ivana Shandor Bradley, both of Pottsville. They were married Nov. 6, 2004.

Nicole L. Kendricks, Frackvlle, was granted a divorce from Michael J. Kendricks, Shenandoah. They were married Oct. 31, 2006.

Jonathan P. Boyher, 208 E. Broad St., Hazleton, was granted a divorce from Nicole A. Boyer, Orwigsburg. They were married May 15, 1993.

Credit defaults

Discover Bank, New Castle, Del., filed suit seeking a judgment against James P. Loftus,67 Hickory St., Delano, in amount of $3,360.12 alleged owed on his credit card.

LVNV Funding, LLC, Greenville, S.C., seeks a judgment against Andew S. Marinock, 536 S. Kennedy Drive, McAdoo, for $17,408.86, alleged owed on his credit card.

Porfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Norfolk, Va., seeks a judgement against the following for allege credit card debts: Wanda Major, 3 Sunset Avenue, Hometown, Rush Township, alleging $1,306.22; Shane Kaufman, 409 W. Broad St., Apt. 1, Tamaqua, $1,048.53; Louise McLaughlin, 157 E. High St., Coaldale, alleging $989.46.

Discover Bank filed suit against Mary A. Lazur, 311 Hauto Highway, Hometown, Rush Township, alleging $2,169.37 is unpaid on her credit card.

Financial report

County Treasurer Jaqueline McGovern released the county financial transactions for August.

The beginning balance of the general fund was $25,094,022.60, deposits, $2,689,100.80, expenditures, $5,311,513.36 leaving a balance of $22,471,600.04.

Rest Haven Home, begining balance, $76,700.29; deposits, $1,943,493.76; expenditures, $1,913,644.93, leaving a balance of $106,549.12.

Emergency 9-1-1 Center, beginning balance, $735,909.43; deposits,$631,984.73; expenditures, $320,847.54, leaving a balance of $1,0947,046.62.

Real estate taxes received, $420,355.10 and per capita, $13,425.14.

Other revenues, costs and fined collected by the eight magisterial offices, $62,228.33; tariff 9-1-1 received fromn telephones, $44,404.73; 9-1-1 Department earnings, $516.35; and hotel tax, $25,326.93.

Drop charges

Criminal charges against Tabitha Saint Pierre, 22, Pottsville, were dismissed by President Judge William E. Baldwin on motion of District Attorney Karen Byrnes Noone who informed the court the Commonwealth is agreeable to dismiss the drug charges because the defendant cooperated in the prosecution of a co-defendant, Shane Hubler, who was found guilty by a jury of illegal traffic in drugs and is now serving a three to six year sentence in a state correctional facility.