Actors of the locally filmed "Within the Woods of Undead County" movie exited limousines prior to walking the red carpet as part of the premiere showing of the movie, held Saturday at the Angela Triplex Theatre in Coaldale.

The premiere event, which has a Hollywood feel, included autographs with actors, runway pictures, limousine arrival, VIP preferences and other pre-show activities.

The original story and characters of the horror/zombie film were created by Tamaqua's Justin Stephens. The movie tells the story of Jocelyn, Ashm, Matt and Kelly, four very different characters who escape into the woods after their county is hit with an unknown plague, turning residents into vicious creatures of the undead. This event forces the four to survive in the wilderness in search of safety. However, in their attempt to find safe haven from the outbreak, they're followed by the creatures they were trying to escape. Proceeds of the event benefited the American Cancer Society.

The group filmed in the summer of 2012 nonstop every weekend. Filming took place 24 straight hours some weekends.

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