Thanks to Polk Township, West End and Albrightsville Volunteer fire companies, the Polk Elementary students learned about fire safety during Fire Prevention Week, with a truck from each fire company at the school where the children could get a close-up and personal look at the trucks. Firefighters explained what each one's function was.

In the morning session, Polk's kindergarten teacher, Julie Weiss and then later in the afternoon session, Principal Erica Walters, waved to students and staff from 75 feet in the air on a ladder of Polk Township's fire truck.

"It's really high up there," Weiss said.

West End Volunteer Fire Company's firefighter Jeff Weiss, asked students to help demonstrate how to Stop, Drop and Roll in case they or their clothing catches on fire. He explained how important smoke alarms are and how families should have an escape plan with a designated meeting place outside.

Mrs. Weiss dressed in all the gear that a fireman wears to a fire. The gear was explained to the students so that if they are ever in a building on fire and someone dressed like her and two other firefighters, Rocco Twardzik and Charles McFeeley from Albrightsville Volunteer Fire Company, approach them, they won't be afraid.

Captain Alex Blew of AVFC said its Smoke Truck is to help children understand what to do in case their house is on fire. It teaches them to crawl on the floor to avoid smoke and find the nearest exit.