Palmerton Rod and Gun Club hosted a basic pistol class recently.

The attendees, who were mostly women, learned the structure of the weapon, safe use, cleaning and storage, but the best part was the range time. Many had never shot a weapon before and some were afraid of the gun. Some started with a .32ACP and .22LR and ended with shooting Glock, Sig, and the Taurus Judge.

"I organized the class because of the controversy of the subject," said Rusana Kasriel, event organizer at the Palmerton Rod and Gun Club. "I find that most accidents involving weapons occur because people do not know how to safely and properly handle them. I believe that if more education is provided, fewer accidents will occur. Furthermore, I believe that no woman should ever be a victim. That is why every one of us should know how to handle a weapon."

Alex Platz, instructor and owner of Razorback Tactical Solutions, made the class fun and engaging. He thoroughly went over the instructional material without losing the attention of the students by interjecting humor and encouraging participation.

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