I am writing this editorial because my local stations for whatever reason they may have had, would not air the following quote:

My name is Nick Butrie from Lansford, Pa.

I am a Roman Catholic and a PRO LIFE activist. We seem to have a double standard pertaining to PRO LIFE issues in our Catholic churches.

Where was the media covering the PRO LIFE march in Washington D.C.? You are able to televise live Dr. Kavorkian killing a person, but you cannot show the media a picture of an aborted baby with all its horrible effects.

You realize we kill over 3,000 babies a day in the image of God. As Mother Theresa said, "The fruit of abortion is nuclear war. If a child is not safe in its mother's womb, what is to protect nation against nation?"

Ask yourself as a reader in reading my article: Do you think that by not airing the above article, my freedom of speech and freedom of religion were taken away from me.

God bless

Nick Butrie