Scott Reinhart, Summit Hill, and Stanley Jaroszewski, Lehighton, veterans of the United States Navy, volunteered their time to speak to students at Towamensing Elementary School's Veterans Day program. Their message to the students was the importance of volunteering.

Both men talked about how they volunteered to serve their country by enlisting in the Navy.

Pointing to a map, the men showed the children where they had visited during their tours of duty.

Reinhart served aboard the USS Southerland DD743. Stationed out of San Diego, he told the students he had seen much of the world, having sailed to Hawaii, the Philippine Islands and Japan. While stationed in Japan, he volunteered to be a Scoutmaster for Boy Scouts who were sons of other service men and women. He also volunteered to teach English to Japanese students.

Jaroszewski served from 1961-69. He was aboard the USS Blandy DD943. He was stationed on the Atlantic side and visited ports in Italy, Sicily, Spain, France, Greece, San Juan, the Caribbean, and has gone through the Suez Canal.

The veterans explained that even though the students are young, there are ways they can volunteer, by helping in their school, local fire companies and church.

"A volunteer doesn't get paid, but you get a good feeling. The Navy taught us to volunteer," said Reinhart.

Jaroszewski said that volunteering includes helping at home by volunteering to do dishes, clean their rooms and help their parents.

Both men are members of the Carbon County Navy Club Ship 260.

They answered questions from the children and everyone sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee."

The program was coordinated by the school's Veterans Day committee, which includes: Susan Warakomiski, chairwoman; Lauren Smith; Ashley Hummer; Brittany Hunsicker; Sara Samok; Katie McCarroll; Kathryn McKeon; Jacob Zurn; and Bill Zeky.