Tonight at 7 p.m., the Panther Valley Drama Club will perform "Backstage."

The script, written by Pat Cook, features a play within a play in which young understudy "Ajax," played by Troy Margerum, will be called upon to deliver the greatest performance of his life in the production of "Don Juan in Cleveland."

However, no one can ever know ... except for his overly superstitious stage manager, his no nonsense director and his zany cast mates (minus one who is left in the dark).

"Ajax" will be faced with many challenges.

He will need to convince his mother that he is indeed "Burton Cavendish."

The odds are stacked against him, literally, as the gambling, crazed costumer, "Yolanda," played by Amarynth Ruch, looks to make a buck on his unfortunate situation.

Throw in a goon named "Pete," played by Pat Iezzoni, who is looking to collect a few bucks of his own, and you have the recipe for a fun and fast-paced comedic romp.

The play has a cast of 16 and is directed by John Cooper and Donna Luckenbill.

Costumes and make-up director is Cindi Cleary and the special assistant is Joselyn Zedalis.

Jerdil Castillo serves as stage manager, with lighting by Aiden Cleary and sound effects by Gabriella Mistretta.