What do monsters, a lobster and ballerinas all have in common? They all like treats. Special costume parade participants on Saturday really like dog, cat and hamster treats.

These pets were all participants in the West End Park & Open Space Commission and Ross Township's second annual Pet "Costume" Parade, held at VanBuskirk/Haney Park in Saylorsburg.

The Owner/Pet Look Alike winners were: first, Monsters, Keira Herring, 7, with her hamster, Bonnie; second, Wizard of Oz group of Rose Fritz, Christine Meinhart Fritz and Katie Fritz, with dogs Bella and Hot Dog; third Mermaid, Lucie White with Dippy the lobster, a terrier mixed.

The Scariest winners were: first was a cat on a leash with little mice on it; second was a Devil Dog, Benny, owner Leigh Cane.

Cutest winners were: first, Bitsy (Chihuahua) as the Tin Man, Rita Manzie, owner; second, Major as Tigger, owner Shawn Shayka; third, Hannah, a foster dog from Papillon Haven Rescue with Amy Fritz; fourth, Angel, a Dacshund, as a hot dog, Colleen Holohan, owner; fifth, Missy, a miniature poodle as an acrobat, Linda Turk, owner; sixth, Morpheus, a German Shepherd as a horse with Taylor and Ryan Hillman, owners.

Ross Township supervisor Vice Chairman Tina Drake and her Beagle, Tibby, were the judges. Drake said it was extremely difficult to pick winners because they were all so cute.