The top students at Lehighton Area High School were feted at the 27th annual Top 10 Percent Academic Awards Banquet.

At the banquet, students in their sophomore, junior and senior years and who performed well academically this past school year were given the opportunity to shine.

Welcoming parents, school staff, administrators and board members to the banquet held at Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Company hall was Craig Reichl, high school principal. Reichl said that he was pleased to recognize the students who have worked so hard to achieve success.

"Remember your journey," said Reichl. "Congratulations for your hard work. Anyone can see by the amount of tiles presented that these students are very involved in the school and community and yet they still manage to get great grades."

Jonathan Cleaver, superintendent of schools also congratulated the students and he also made comments that were for the parents of the students.

Cleaver said, "You can't help but see the smiles on the parents' faces that they are proud of their children."

"You will face many challenges as you go through life," said Cleaver. "Keep your focus on the goal until you reach it. When you reach your passion you will excel. We wish you the best as you move forward."

The first year a student attains the top 10 percent of their class, they are presented a pewter plate that has spaces set inside to hold medallions that represent their areas of excellence in school or service to the community, participation in school, clubs, organizations or other community events that they have contributed to or participated in.

Always receiving pewter plates are students in the sophomore class and sometimes students' rankings change from year to year and then a few juniors and seniors who attain the top 10 percent status receive the pewter plates.

The top students in their classes were also recognized. Awards were presented by Kyle Spotts, director of student services and facilities planning, assisted by Rocky Ahner, school board president.

For the class of 2013, the top student is Jacen Nalesnik and second in the class is Elyse Kistler. Jacin was also the Scholar Athlete in football, basketball and baseball.

Ranked first in the class of 2014 is Jaclyn Jordan and second in the class is Kayla Troutman. Jaclyn was second in her class last year and Kayla Troutman was second in the class last year.

Ranked first in the class of 2015 is Brianna Karpowicz.

Also attaining top 10 percent status in 2013 are Kaitlyn Bandholz, Hannah Bartron, Dorothy deforest, Alden Everett, Sarah Kistler, Emily Lauer, Tyler Martz, Meghan Mausteller, Elizabeth Reichard, Tia Rex, Alex Rubin and Matthew Schweitzer.

Also attaining top 10 percent in the class of 2014 are Christi Beddiges, Allison Butrie, Schylar Cordova, Thatcher David, Kyle Higgins, Nicholas Hill, Alyssa Huntington, Matthew McGeehan, Destiny Morey, Michael Perkins, Peter Phelan, Michael Pomposello, Atasha Rehrig, Paige Steigerwalt, and Sara Wingert.

Also attaining top 10 percent in the class of 2015 were Kelsey Andrews, Kirkland Breiner, Emily Cerimele, Kyle Collins, Britani Graver, Danielle Guckin, Michael Haydt, Holly Hinkle, Leah Hoover, Marissa Michalik, Ellen Perkins, Emily Snyder, Shelby Snyder and Falyn Weiss.