Omar Vargas, of 68 N. Kennedy Drive, McAdoo, had a bad 24-hour period June 20-21, earning citations from two different members of the McAdoo Police Department.

On June 20 Officer Steven Homanko was monitoring activity at the Adams Street playground, shortly before 9 p.m. A group of youngsters was playing basketball and two adult males were shooting hoops at the other end of the court.

One of the men, Vargas, began cursing at the officer, then made lewd gestures in Homanko's direction. This was in clear view of the young children. Vargas was cited for disorderly conduct and ordered to leave the playground area.

Less than 12 hours later, Police Chief Jeff Wainwright was dispatched to Vargas' home address, where Vargas was involved in a confrontation with Reginald Thomas II, same address. It was the third time that morning that police were dispatched to the home.

During the incidents a windshield on a parked vehicle was damaged and Vargas threw a glass bottle at Thomas. The bottle missed its intended target but smashed in the street.

Vargas was again cited for disorderly conduct.