Seventy children became known as "Popcorn," "Snow Cones," and "Cotton Candy," during Vacation Bible School at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lehighton. Their names followed the theme, "Everywhere Fun Fair - Where God's World Comes Together."

"The children had a great week discovering God's welcoming love," said Kelli Carpenter, Vacation Bible School director.

The children welcomed neighbors from the Bible such as Abraham and Sarah, and Zacchaeus. They also explored everyday life of their neighbors in Japan, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, Australia and Mexico.

They enjoyed snacks, collected scripture souvenirs, watched a volcano erupt, played games from other countries and made crafts.

They learned fun facts from each of the five countries five friendship phrases: "Neighbors are friendly, neighbors are giving, neighbors are bold, neighbors are forgiving, and neighbors are welcoming."

"I credit the support of the congregation and the many volunteers for the success of the program," said Carpenter.

Children attending Vacation Bible School came from the congregation and the community.

The curriculum included a visit from Godwin, a bird puppet, who popped up from the ticket booth. Godwin explained to the children that his name meant, "Friend of God."

The program concluded with refreshments served outdoors.