Letter to the Editor:

Why am I always the one who complains?

This is a phrase I hear so often when discussing things among friends. I say that to say this: where are all the smiles and kindly gestures of long ago? When have we gotten away from these?

I notice the lack of the above at our local restaurants and eateries in the area. Perhaps I should exclude the nationwide chains because they are programmed to give the customer an artificial smile.

I'm talking about the 'Hey, good to see you;' 'How are you?,' 'You look great today!'

One place in particular is a local restaurant. Many people tell me the waitresses and the counter people are very curt and unfriendly toward the customers.

I had to prove it myself so I stopped in for a cone of ice cream. I joked with the counter person, but got no response, except for "Is this for here or to go?" I was three feet away from a guy who was too busy to look up and utter 'Hello," only to learn he was (get this) the manager/owner.

The same goes for another local restaurant.

Are these people bored or underpaid or what? I don't care if a customer only buys one small purchase; a satisfied customer will tell another person who tells another, and the beat goes on!

Come on owners, wise up or close up!


Richard M. Gross