A McAdoo man has been cited after a dog he was caring for was found running loose twice in one week.

Officers were dispatched to 62 N. Cleveland St. at 1 p.m. on June 2 when the resident reported a large dog was on his porch growling and appearing to be trying to get in. When Patrolman Anthony DiVirgilio responded the German Shepherd left the porch and approached him. The dog was snarling and his teeth were bared.

The patrolman took out his Taser and yelled at the dog, which then retreated to the porch at 60 N. Cleveland St.

Juan Angel Gorbea Santiago exited 60 N. Cleveland and placed the dog in a vehicle. He told the officer he was watching the dog for a friend, Manuel Luna.

Santiago was cited for allowing the dog to run loose while in his care.