A Nesquehoning man has been charged with making a false robbery report to police.

Officer Carl Breiner has charged Eric Willing with unsworn falsification to authorties and false reports to law enforcement.

According to the police report on July 15 Willing called police and reported he had been robbed by two individuals while he was out walking in the area of the "foot bridge" located between Willow Lane and Musmano Avenue.

Breiner responded to Willing's residence and got a description of the two alleged assailants and what had happended. Briener then went to the area where the robbery allegedly occurred. Following an investigation at the scene Briener then had Willing come to the police station to make a written statement.

After reviewing the statement and considering all information provided Briener became suspicious of Willing's story. He then confronted Willing about the information provided and his findings. Eventually Willing admitted make the false report, police said.