Tamaqua's infamous East Broad Street bridge detour was confusing enough to briefly send a promotional bicyclist and his crew in the wrong direction early Tuesday.

At 10:20 a.m., WNEP-TV meteorologist Joe Snedeker entered Tamaqua from Coaldale via US209, led by a WNEP van, part of the Go Joe 16 fundraiser for a religious-affiliated Scranton rehabilitation center.

The van and Snedeker traveled west on Broad Street and turned left at the Greenwood Street detour but missed an immediate right-hand turn onto Cedar Street. The mistake put them heading toward Mountain Avenue in Tamaqua's East End when they actually wanted Route 309 to South Tamaqua and on to the town of Orwigsburg.

Recognizing that the road ahead looked nothing like the South Tamaqua highway, the WNEP van turned around in the vicinity of Tom's Auto & Marine near Mountain Avenue.

Snedeker, too, noticed the error and did an about face on the South Greenwood Street hill. Local residents and passers-by then pointed Snedeker and his entourage in the correct direction. Snedeker said "Thank you" for the assistance as he headed on his way.

Snedeker did not stop in Tamaqua since he already had paid a visit to the town on July 21, 2010, during a previous Go Joe run.

However, employees of Tamaqua Borough and others lined the sidewalk to wish Snedeker well. Borough employees took up a collection and offered a lump sum contribution, which was handed to representatives in the escort van.