Owners and staff at Rosemount Camping Resort in Lewistown Valley held their 26th annual activities benefit over the weekend to raise funds for Avenue's Schuylkill County Therapeautic Riding Program (SCTRP).

The event, which involved over 2,000 visitors, consisted of horseback riding, food, Chinese auction, and other events.

Activities coordinator Diann Belsak said, "It is great to see the many benefits the program provides. Therapeutic Horseback Riding is designed to provide both physical and psychological benefits."

"The warmth and motion of the horse relaxes spastic muscles and mobilizes stiff joints," said Erin Lewis, who serves as volunteer coordinator, instructor and board member with SCTRP. "The horses's rythmic walk is similar to man's and is beneficial for those who are unable to walk on their own."

Lewis added that funds from the benefit will go towards adaptive riding equipment, new horses, food, paid instructors, vet care, shoes and more. "It is amazing." said Lewis. "I don't think our program could survive without this annual fundraiser."

Campground owners Mike and Marigrace Confield stated their appreciation to all participants, area businesses and all the volunteers that came together to make the event a traditional success. "This event serves as one of our main benefit fundraisers for the year," said Mike Confield.

"This is a great benefit we run to help raise funds for the program," said Marigrace, who added that she met her husband 27 years ago while volunteering at a related cerebral palsy fundraiser.

For more information or to get involved in the riding program, contact Susie Sterner at (570) 385-2806 or visit them online at www.avenuesofpa.org/adultservices.