Emergency crews were called to a house fire at 214 East Bertsch St., Lansford around 1:30 a.m. today after the resident reported flames climbing up a first floor wall of his home.

"When we arrived, we noticed heavy smoke in the home," said borough Det./Sgt. Jack Soberick. "The resident put out the fire."

Firefighters were quick to place exhaust fans and use thermal imaging cameras to inspect the affected areas for hidden hot spots.

"The fire started after an insufficient extension cord powering an air conditioner overheated and caught fire," said borough Fire Chief Joe Cannon. "This incident should be a learning example to people using improperly rated extension cords to power appliances."

No serious injuries were reported.

Responding were fire companies from Lansford, Coaldale, Summit Hill and Tamaqua. Also responding were Tamaqua's Rapid Intervention Team and Lehighton Ambulance.

"The emergency responders were great," said resident Ed Groller, who was covered with smoke dust. "They were on scene within a short while. These guys were fabulous."

"Thank God the smoke detectors woke them or this could have been much worse," said Soberick.