Three persons are facing charges following an incident that occurred in Carbon County. State police at Lehighton said the incident occurred about 9:53 p.m. on Saturday, June 29, along Cherry Hill Road, north of Fireline Road, in Parryville.

Troopers said Jeffrey Allen Griffith, 49, and Susan Megan Davis, 44, both of Akron, Ohio, were stopped at a stop sign at the above stated location. At some point Amanda M. Kline, 24, and Dane R. Schaeffer, 30, both of Lehighton, and Thomas J. Shainline, 40, of Palmerton, approached from behind in a 1994 Chevrolet Blazer.

Troopers allege that the three were yelling and threatening both Griffith and Davis. During the altercation Shainline took out a small handheld taser and "cracked' the taser in the air while yelling at the two victims, troopers said.

Schaeffer then took the taser and stuck it into the window area of the victims' car. Griffith, driving, was able to avoid being struck by the taser by leaning into the middle of the vehicle and putting up the window. During this time Kline had approached the victim's vehicle as well and was yelling verbal threats to Davis.

The victims called 9-1-1. Troopers responded but the three suspects had fled the scene, driving around the victim's vehicle on the shoulder/grassy area.

While troopers were en route, the three returned to the scene and drove around the victim's vehicle yelling threats. Troopers arrived and spoke with the victims, then located the three suspects.

It was later learned that two of the suspects, Kline and Schaeffer, had operated the vehicle at different times and were under the influence.

Troopers said charges are pending against the three including driving under the influence (DUI) against Kline and Schaeffer, and terroristic threats and related counts against the three.