Representatives of Ohio Technical College (OTC) visited Carbon Career and Technical Institute. The representatives, Ron Brenner and Tom Banks, spoke with the students and demonstrations were given.

Banks gave an airbrush demonstration throughout his discussions.

Banks, a staff member of the custom paint and graphic arts program at OTC also travels to different schools to give motivational talks and demonstrations.

During the demonstration, Banks discussed lighting, shading, and he also discussed shadowing. As he continued to airbrush, he also spoke about emotion and using your own experiences as a reference for airbrushing.

Banks stated that many people feel airbrushing is hard to do and hard to learn. Banks stated that is a misconception.

"There is nothing hard about this. Anyone can learn to do this."

He added that he has been airbrushing for about six years. He stated that he learned from an OTC instructor.

Also with Banks was Brenner. Brenner an Admissions Representative of OTC and gives motivational talks about careers. He visits cities in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Brenner stated that OTC offers airbrushing in their auto collision repair program. Other programs may take the air brushing/ custom painting course as an extra class.

Brenner discussed how this demonstration is good for students in auto collision repair, graphic design, cosmetology, etc… because of the use of painting techniques and design. CCTI students from these trades and many of the other trades at CCTI stopped by to see the demonstration throughout the day.

CCTI Auto Collision instructor, Dennis Starry, stated that the presentation was a great experience for any student and the discussions were very motivational.

"This is a great experience for the students to see the air brushing process live with real time instruction," stated Banks.