Polk Township supervisors met for their reorganizational meeting with all three in attendance; they are Brian Ahner, Nancy May and Michael Hurley. Little or no changes were made to staff and appointed positions. They include:

Ÿ Roadmaster: Brian Ahner

Ÿ Secretary/treasurer: Nancy May

Ÿ Assistant roadmaster: Lynn Smith

Ÿ Roadwork/equipment operator full-time: Glenn Green

Ÿ Solid waste/roadwork/equipment operator full-time: Harold Touni Jr. and David Novajovasky

Ÿ Part-time or as needed employees-maintenance or recycle: Jonathan Vazquez; equipment operator/CDL/P.T.: Edward Arnold

Ÿ Full-time clerical assistant/recording secretary to supervisors and planning commission: Ruthanne Toner

Ÿ Zoning/codes officer: Gerald Zurat

Ÿ Township engineer: Russell Kresge & Assoc., a division of Gilmore & Assoc. Inc.

Ÿ Sewage enforcement: Hanover Engineering

Ÿ Building inspector: Building Inspection Underwriters

Ÿ Vacancy Board chairman: Milton Faust

Ÿ Delegates PSATS convention: Nancy May, Brian Ahner and Michael Hurley

Ÿ Voting delegate to convention: Nancy May

Ÿ Earned Income Tax Collector: Berkheimer EIT Collection Agency

Ÿ Legal Council: board of supervisors, James Fareri; planning commission, Jerry Hanna; zoning hearing board, Robert Lear

Ÿ Mileage reimbursements for personal vehicles: $0.565 per mile

Ÿ Veterans Memorial Committee: Henry Schierloh, Elmer Heissam, Connie Haydt and Blanche Strausberger

Ÿ Zoning hearing board appointed for one-year terms are Thomas Milewski, Hal Touni Sr., Georgia Hodyl. Carl Scorscone is an alternate. They meet the third Tuesday at 4 p.m. as needed.

Ÿ UCC Appeal Board appointed Greg Mackes, Robert Serfass, Dennis Smale to one-year terms. Meets only as needed.

The next Polk Township supervisors meeting will be on Monday, Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. at the municipal meeting.