Has your medical insurance company invited themselves into your house yet?

From seniors on Medicare to those insured by other means, strangers want entry into your home to evaluate your health.

Isn'tthat the reason we go to our primary physician 2-4 times a year? Is there some nefarious reasoning behind this practice, or does this fall under Obamacare?

Why hasn't the media reported on this yet?

We do have Meals on Wheels, Hospice, house cleaners, etc; all by our invitation.

These medical insurance companies are persistant on forced visitation for some unknown reason. Will some of them bring cold or flu viruses into our homes, or be silent carriers of other diseases?

What if they want to use your bathroom? Did they go through a security clearance check? Could they be closeted serial killers, future buglers, pedophiles, or of some other unwanted social behavior. Will they be featured on Cold Case Files or the FBI most wanted list?

It's not too far fetched considering the local rape of a nun in Pittsburgh, or the killing of a nine year old girl thrown into a dumpster in Ohio.

You justdon't know. I'd rather be safe than sorry!

It's your home, you pay the taxes or rent, it's your choice whom to let in or keep out.

Will your insurance company drop or penalize you somehow for being protective?

Home is where you hang your hat, not an open door welcome mat.

Rich Saporito

West Mifflin, PA