Kidder Township board of supervisors adopted the 2014 budget Thursday evening. The new budget includes a .2 mil increase.

"The increase of .2 mils is earmarked for the ambulance service. With this increase the ambulance service is now at .5 mils which is the maximum allowed by the municipal code," explained Vice Chairman, Bob Lengle.

Lengle was filling in for Chairman, Larry Polansky who is currently hospitalized awaiting heart surgery.

The new budget includes total expected revenue of $1,393,595, the bulk of which comes from taxes.

Expenditures include: general government, $ 17,575; administrative, $119,575; tax collection, $ 16,300; legal fees, $23,000; engineering services, $ 10,000; municipal building, $ 26,500; public safety; $498,339; fire and ambulance service, $85,500; protective inspections, $65,560; planning and zoning, $43,312, Health and welfare, $19,400; highway and roads, $55,357; snow and ice removal, $20,000; Insurance and benefits, $384,827

Along with the budget the supervisors approved new, two-year contracts for both the township manager and the chief of police.

The township manager will receive $53,000 for 2014 and $55,000 for 2015. The chief of police will receive $65,499 and $67,142 respectively.

The supervisors agreed to the purchase of a new police cruiser. The vehicle will be purchased from Kovatch Ford in Nesquehoning. The new vehicle will cost $32,571.53. The unit will be paid for in two installment, the first being $25,000 paid for out of the 2014 budget and the balance paid out of the 2015 budget. The new car should be delivered sometime in March according to Chief Kuzma.

During the meeting, Lengle took the opportunity to acknowledge supervisor Mary Farnschlader for her twelve years of service to the township. Farnschlader was defeated in the November election and will be replaced in January when Thomas LaFond is sworn in as her replacement.

"Over the 12 years I have worked with many different people, "Farnschlader said. "I enjoyed it very much. Sometimes we did not always agree, but we always worked it out, and sometimes we would just agree to disagree. I have appreciated the opportunity and I also want to thank the awesome residents of the township. Thank you."

Police Chief Matt Kuzma also took time during the meeting to present the Police Merit Medal to Cpl. Neil Yurchak.

"This award represents a significant self-initiated arrest beyond the requirements of duty," Kuzma said.

Kuzma went on to explain that in September of 2012 while following up on a burglary at the Boulder View Tavern and with very little physical evidence to go on; Yurchak was able to develop a suspect. Yurchak found evidence sufficient to acquire a search warrant to be served on the suspect's phone.

After wading through thousands of pages of emails and text messages Yurchak was able to put together a case against, not only the original suspect but three additional persons. The 10-month investigation lead to 4 persons being arrested on 42 criminal charges and restitution of $41,000.

"I would like to thank him for his dedication and hard work and the residents of Kidder Township should be proud to have him serving the community," Kuzma said.