A winery venture proposed for Rush Township will have to age a little. A Zoning Hearing Board meeting Tuesday ended with the board directing solicitor William Burke to issue a written decision on the matter within 45 days.

Seitz Brothers Property Holdings owns a property at 1011 Hunter St., where they would like to bottle and sell wine under the name Blue Lizard Vineyard & Winery. Seitz, which operates a pest control, mold remediation and asbestos removal company from a location on Route 309 in the township, purchased the Hunter Street property last year from Draper & Yost, a plumbing supply and service company. The property includes an office area with second-floor apartment, and separate garage.

Seitz is seeking a variance from the Zoning Hearing Board which would allow them to bottle and sell wine in a Residential R-4 district. Seitz Brothers was represented by attorney Thomas Lisella, who presented an amended plan to the board.

The first hearing on the matter was held last month, and Seitz proposed a mixed use for the half-acre property. At that time, the mixed uses included storage for Seitz trucks and supplies in the garage, the wine making operation in the office portion, and rental of the apartment above the office.

During the meeting Tuesday, Lisella said that may have been "one use too many."

According to the amended plan presented Tuesday, the second-floor apartment would be vacated and no longer used as a residence.

"The first floor would be for the wine and retail only, and the second floor empty, and the garage would be used for storage of materials and parking for Seitz," Lisella said. "By doing that we felt it would be less intrusive, and less intrusive than the business occupied before Mr. Seitz's ownership."

The board had questions about the number of usable parking spaces, and also concerns about two businesses operating on the property, which is about a half-acre. Burke suggested the board adjourn into executive session. The board reconvened and said Burke would provide a written decision within 45 days.