The Tamaqua School District administrators and board members love it when people turn out in huge numbers to support school events, such as a recent holiday concert. They just wish people would remember that not everyone who attends can easily walk from the parking lot into the school.

"We are asking the public to show respect for the handicapped parking spaces and the fire lanes which are designated in the parking lot," Superintendent Carol Makuta said during a school board meeting Tuesday. "Although the signage is visible, there were at least three cars (without handicapped designation placards) parked in the handicapped spots during the band concert."

"I can imagine how frustrating that was for the people who had a right to use those spots," she added. "They don't want special treatment; they just want what they're entitled to have."

Makuta said that the district plans to take an aggressive approach with offenders who misuse the spots. According to Pennsylvania law, illegally using a handicapped parking spot is subject to fines ranging from $50 to $200. Vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense, and vehicles may be impounded until the fine and towing charges are paid.

The board approved a change to the school calendar for 2014.

The makeup day for Tuesday's snow day will be Monday, Jan. 20.

In other action the board:

Ÿ Approved the purchase of 175 band uniforms for $67,408 from the low bidder, DeMoulin Brothers, Ill.

Ÿ Reappointed Bowe, Lisella and Bowe, Tamaqua, as the school solicitor law firm at a retainer of $5,200 and billings of $150 per hour.

Ÿ Adopted a policy regarding the students' use of electronic devices. According to the policy, students may use their personal electronic devices such as lap top computers, with the approval of their teachers.